What does Lucifer's sigil mean to you?

Awhile ago I’ve tattooed lucifers sigil to show my loyalty and my connection to his spirit and cause. For me it also represents the rebeller, but also the mark of the heretic, the chaos outcast. I read up a little on the sigil that it was made by a Italian occultist in the 16th century (1517) Grimoirium Verum also known as the Grimoire of Truth.

Does anyone else have any insight to the significance of his sigil? I also have baels sigil, and plan on getting Astaroths aswell to mark the unholy trinity. I’ve been through hell the last 5 years, and now have the markings to show for its intensity by confirming my loyalty to legion.

What’s your thoughts on sigil tattooing?

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The significance is that it is a means of contacting him. Sigils like that are just a means of communication/evocation.

However, sigils as tattoos in my opinion does nothing unless you empower them with use.

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How would you empower their use?

Attention is one main way in my opinion, the thing I like about tattoo sigil and tattoos in general is the fact they’re ink and blood mixed together so in an occult sense they already have a decent energetic foundation to springboard off of.


Through the Lhp sigils you will be recognised by christians and can attack you when focusing on career. The wild invented stories could damage it.

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I think the only one most Christians would recognize is Lucifers. If I did one I’d have it embedded in another piece of art disguised.


Totally, the pact made in flesh and blood.


My are on my chest, and honestly I believe Christians are only familiar with the pentagram. Which is a symbol I respect but wouldn’t get it on my body.


It’s only meaning to me is that it serves as a medium to contact Lucifer. Also as one to evoke him, if you choose to go that route. Just like any other Spirit sigil.

Now I’m sure some stuff about the sigil (like symbolically) is specific to him - or holds some form of meaning.


I feel the intention you had at the moment you did it plays a major role. I don’t feel it’s the same an edgy teen that does it for the sake of looking badass, that someone who does it to being close to the entity, for a pact, etc

For me it’s a mayor connection that’s more permanent than an evocation, but for others it might only bee something to show love and respect to name being


Baaaah that just takes the wind out of tattoos and cuts the balls off how symbology-mentalplane magic works.

When you get a tattoo, you’re gonna see it every day (unless it’s on your ass or somethin), and it’s going to trigger the thought pattern(s) connected to what that symbol represents. That can be supplemented with magic, but even nonmagically this carries significant weight on the mental plane. Consistency, is one of the most universally potent methods of strengthening and grounding pretty much anything. This works very well for connecting to high vibrational spirits in particular, since they exist very strongly in those realms, and Lucifer definitely knows how to operate in the mental planes very very well.

You feed that tattoo what you perceive it as, every time you see it. And since it’s on your body, that also links it to the perception of the self (unless you live in constant dissociation from your body, but most people dont), in which case it attaches to your vessel instead of the self. Pros and cons. So, tattoos in general are much more potent than you think, but you need to have a more astral-mental mindset in order to really get the full effect.


My sigil tats I don’t really give them magick thought until I need to tbh lol


You have sigil tattoos?

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I have the ankh and eye of ra together, but I also have the symbol of the celtic Triskelion on my chest due to its representation being closely linked to some entities I know, and later I plan to get my personal sigil tattooed on me.



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Make sense to me :open_mouth:

Soon, when lockdown in my country gets better

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Very well said.

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Which sigil is this exactly (picture please)?

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