What does it mean when you have dreams about highschool

Like not being back in your highschool with your old classmates. I keep having dreams of just being in some random school without knowing anyone. Sometimes I’m aware that I’m older than the other students. Sometimes I’m not.

However in real life I’m constantly mistaken for a teenager when I’m actually 24. I look several years younger than I am, and parts of my personality still feels (and may come off) as teenagery. However, I tend to avoid teenagers when I can recognize them.

In these dreams, sometimes I’m looking for a way out of the school. Other times, I find myself just going through the motions. And sometimes someone decides to invite me into their group, and these are usually the better dreams. Though, some include teasing. None of them involve anything sexual. I rarely see sex in my dreams.

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I don’t know man, but I’m 33 and I’m regularly mistaken for being 15 or 16 years old. Maybe it’s common amongst people who look youthful because we’re constantly treated like teenagers?

I have reoccurring dreams that I’m back in high school because I didn’t graduate.
In reality, I did graduate, and I have some post-secondary education, but my subconscious is fixated on the idea that I’m forgetting something. Themes include forgetting an entire class, forgetting my locker combination, forgetting where my locker is, forgetting to pick up my report card, etc.


You likely have ties to the past that keep you connected there.

I’ve had dreams about school to, even though I graduated awhile ago. I figure since school had an impact on our teens/childhood and even young adulthood years - your brain goes back to it. Processes it - things like that.

Today I woke up from a dream where I was back in school and had to write a german exam. I was in a panic because it’s been 10 years and obviously I haven’t studied. :rofl:
I notice dreams about school often come when I have a week or more off. I feel like the brain has nothing else new to process so it goes through the old files again.
I wouldn’t read too much into it.

I actually didn’t graduate, and it’s not uncommon for me to dream that I’m back in school as my teenage self, or that I’ve gone back to school as an adult. In my case I think it’s just my subconscious sorting out unfinished business. :woman_shrugging: Except for the ones where I go back as an adult, those ones suck.

What do you reckon it means? Or, what does high school represent to you? Especially with not knowing anyone, and high school being a fairly closed system, arguably a hierarchy, a place of structure, with pressure to fit in, but also to advance through the system… et cetera

It is awesome @Johnny_Samhain just enjoy it. I had my first threesome in highschool and this friendship lasted lots of months. After all these years I still have contact with those 2. Both are happily married and having their families with children. I dream of those moments from time to time and it is always nice.

My highschool years sucked. I spent most of it in a private special needs school run by nuns.

  1. Bullies could just do whatever they wanted because the school didn’t believe in discipline.
  2. The nuns would come in and tell you you’re going to hell if you’re caught playing yugioh.
  3. There were very few girls there, and many were kinda crazy. Like screaming feminazi crazy.
  4. If you wanted to not get bullied, you needed to pick on someone weaker than you.
  5. The more impacted kids displayed some inappropriate and creepy behavior. You couldn’t even call them out on it.

I spent my first year and a half in public school, then transferred to the private school after I reported being teased and bullied. The dean decided this transfer was better than actually holding the other students accountable. It wasn’t. And I regretted it ever since.

I’ve heard that these dreams are common when you’re busy or stressed in the workplace.