What does it mean when somebody dreams that you died?

Curious to know, My Wife dreamed that I died last night of natural causes. Is there a real explanation of this?

Death can mean change or it could also mean an underlying or obvious fear she has, it could also mean nothing and be just a dream.


Thanks for that explanation.

You’ve to give full details on the dream not just an excerpt…dreams are mostly proverbial; carries different meanings. To die in dream also don’t have one meaning, it depends on how the death happened in the dream.

For example, I called a Martian Spirits to fight a battle of some adversaries for me. 2 days later I had a dream that I shot my mom, old shool mates, friends around, and my other siblings and I was sad, I pointed the gun to shoot myself and I woke up.
The Spirit then came to tell me he has conquered and utterly destroyed all those seeking my downfall, I should wait and watch, I must not let it sadden me nor pity them.

So those I shot in the dream are the foes, and me pointing the gun at myself means I would pity them when I see their fall, and it would sadden me.

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Well It was a closed casket, and all she remember was be dead in it. she said it was a creepy dream. death of natural cause.

My personal opinion… death reflects serious fear. When it came that way, from natural causes then it could mean she’s afraid that something about you dies from natural causes, or what represents you in life, disappears one day naturally.

So in my view, it’s a dream that reflects fear of sexual nature, if you know what I mean, or related to your offspring… for example, if you have kids that could mean she has fear for them for some reason. If you don’t have kids then that could mean fear of not having kids.

In general as I see it, and that’s totally based on how I feel about it, it’s one of those two meanings. Sexual or related to children.

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Yea we do have Kids, and the SEX Is great, but then she had an Anxiety attack for the 1st time. so…

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That’s probably it. Nothing to worry about in my opinion.
Just a subconscious echo of her extreme emotions, expressed symbolically in that dream.


Thank you all for the help, Ive always had difficulties in understanding dreams.