What does it mean to have chills when you think or ask a question to a diety?

I get chills near my heart when ever I ask a question in my Mind. The chills occur when the answer is yes. It mostly was correct. What does this mean?? . I am New to the entire occult or magical community so please give any suggestions that might help.

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It means you have this ability to sens the answer and they know that’s how to approach you. Try developing your senses and clairvoyance abilities to help getting their answers across. Don’t fear the chills it’s normal.

I really want to know which entity is giving me answers. What can I do find that??

Did you ask a specific entity or called any by name?
If not I would say you have someone watching out for you. Guardian or companion or maybe ancestor. You can ask who is this entity and have them answer you. Try scrying or some form of communication if you are not sure about their answer.
It gets complicated when you have all sorts of entities around you and you aren’t sure who to address.

I get the chills saying yes for many dieties in my religion. That is why I am confused about these chills

It’s called claircognizance and I sense you’re in the early stages. No entity is giving you claircognizance, its all you. Keep working on it and you’ll be amazed.

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Thanks I will improve this ability