What does it mean to "collect stardust on a celestial plane"?

So I have been reviewing some things in my complicated ongoing Saga, and I had reviewed some of the previous messages that I had gotten and this one about collecting stardust on a celestial plane had intrigued me as I have been putting the pieces together.

It’s kind of a long story but does this phrase mean anything to anyone?
I don’t want to say to much more right now, I want to see if with your help, I can confirm my suspicions.


Sounds like drugs. Ask or “@” some of the cool kids. They might know. You could also just be getting trolled.

Angel Dust :sweat_smile: yeah it kind of does sound similar to drugs.

Stripped of all context, I take it to mean spiritual ascension aka Kundalini. Dropping more and more of your physical body in favor of your intuitive body. Here’s why:

I see myself as the spiritual version of someone who collects tattoos on their body. Instead of physical tattoos, I’ve covered my entire “body” with Kundalini “tattoos.”

It’s like when you’re driving and you collect pollen, dust, and dirt on your windshield.

Getting spiritually filthy from use. But not in a bad way (at least it’s not bad to me…I guess it’d be some people’s worst nightmare).

On the other hand, if you read it as “collecting dust” the way a piece of furniture does, this would indicate the “star vehicle” not being used very much.

I’d think Nordic imho.

Spiritual version of this:

Thinking more along the lines…

That’s funny, main guess is drugs, next is kundalini, I was thinking maybe it was an astral booty call. lol
It could be “Your kundalini is so nice when you take those drugs, come for an astral booty call.” haha
I think we nailed it.

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Collecting “star” dust like the spiritual version of winning a bunch of Grammys.

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Sounds like a bunch of astral shenanigans tbh. Maybe try APing then invoke the planetary aspects or something.

On a different note, that phrase resonates with me for some reason… who was that message for specifically? Just you? or for the Forum?

Music does sound better with Kundalini

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Something my lover/nemesis had said to me, I mostly just took his thingy’s as silly dreamy romantic ramblings until he left me in a pit of demons, since then I had a tendency to analyze everything.

But I think this helps. I think I almost solved it or have a new angle. He was using me for an astral booty call. The worst part about astral booty call is you just wake up back in your body and don’t remember anything, then you have to fall back asleep all over again… IF you can even fall back asleep again.
I never could.

Work on dream recall and maybe bilocation, that should help you out.

Stardust is the stuff that Rainbow Brite has (spiritual money)

And it’s what turns Adora into She-Ra

Collecting stardust is “getting paid”

To collect stardust on a celestial plane is to turn into the spiritual version of this:


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Everything is literally made from stardust.

Without context it pretty much just seems to be collecting the base parts of space energy.