What does Fallen in "Fallen Angels" exactly mean?

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I often come across the term Fallen Angel for goetics and other spirits like lucifer and others. But nobody describes what it means? What have they done so they fell? What does it mean exactly? What makes these fallen angels to be considered bad/dark ???

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Firstly, they aren’t bad. That’s just more lies.

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@ElectricDragon As for the rest of those questions I would say you are better off asking the Fallen Angels yourself. You are going to get a different answer for every magickian, and trying to figure out these sorts of questions on an internet forum tends to lead to only more confusion. Ask Lucifer. You will have your answer then.

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“Fallen” is a biblical term that emphasizes the Christian and I guess Jewish mythology of Jehovah creating the heavens and the earth. There was a supposed uprising when Lucifer, the head angel wanted to overthrow Jehovah. It didn’t work and he along with his comrades were outcast, or “fell” from heaven.

If you want to know the true story follow @TheStorm 's advice.

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My answer is I have no idea, however I think that fallen may be a term corresponding to astronomy
Ever notice how many educating entities there are, particularly astronomy?
That a couple only appear in Sagittarius?
That one rides a large bear (Ursa minor)?

My bet is if they correspond to astronomy or astrology, then it would indicate a constellation, a nebula, planet or star that fell, either in pattern over the horizon, or literally through an act of gravity as a meteorite or falling star does, out of order or chain of command.
It could indicate Lucifer, king of Tyre falling out of power.
It could indicate Venus, again, possibly an astronomical event.
It could indicate a loss of enthusiasm or joy, it was downcast or fallen in emotional expression, or indicate madness befell a lord of reason.
I agree, ask the fallen angels themselves. They’ll give you a true answer.

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Asking the respective spirits seems the best solution, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

The bible has one view. The Church of Satan has another view. The Joy of Satan Website has still a different view… I don’t know who to believe. I am not psychic enough to know…
An hour ago, at work, I had a voice in my head say, “let us in”. It came out of nowhere. Maybe imagination. Maybe an entity. I don’t know. (This voice in the head thing RARELY ever happens. I answered, "come on in."
The best way is to ask the Fallen Angels themselves, if, you are truly psychic, and can find them. Other than that, it is just “what others say”, about these entities.

As everyone else has already given the same answer i will say this. When you ask the spirits usually they will tell you something that people will tell you later. So trust that instinct

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Cool @Godmagus, Thanks, I will keep that in mind :wink: