What does Bune like?

What does Bune like as an offering in exchange for his help?

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I heard he likes green apples.


I see Bune as female. I offer her some kind of home baked bread cornbread, artisan bread, muffins and pale ale.


What sort of successes have you experienced?

Sweets, home baked. Whiskey, and rum.


Whenever I am stressed Bune gives me very peaceful pleasant dreams. I am a child or cat in them and I just run around and play and feel so carefree.

I got evicted and Bune influenced a lot of people to help me clean and move out. Also a place to stay.


You may find many feedbacks regarding to success with Bune within the forum

but not only there,indeed; if you search thorught the forum with “Bune” there are many more.

So good luck to you too…

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Bune is awesome and likes male sweat as offering or male offerings. Very powerful for necromancy and is an expert in wealth magic too


is she a succubus?

No, Bune is not a succubus.

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