What does a twlight aura mean

Ok let’s start from the top a few months and I started training seriously into Magick I’ve had lot happen to me in a short amount of time, ok my aura started off pure white like a flame then Raziel who I was working with at the time told me to hold this energy in so I did in for a past couple of weeks was so angry and I’m a pretty chill I was snapping at people yelling a lot just could not stand the bullshit I felt like a beast with a great drive wasn’t I started working with my friend who has good eye he said my aura was similar to neutron star that surrounded my body.

(special note: when were in the car it was very hot despite the air conditioning is on) then about one or two weeks later my energy explodes making me feel very weak but my aura had changed to rainbow my friend it like exactly like a star if it exploded. That same week I had got my general reading back and they my chakra were fine but the crown was a bit offset so as for bit help from Raziel and a few other Spirits and Meditated and let tell you the worst headache of my life it felt as if the had split my head right open at the top hurt for two days. Something new was developing, my had aura had changed it gone back to be Pure white with a rainbow mix in with it but it shape is what got my attention it was wrapped around like a cocoon but I was transparent white 2 holes at the top and the bottom energy coming out of in-and-out of both with them it looks something like this but a sphere.
It was during this time that I felt some type of call like a lot of Spirits looking to reach out. It hard for me to make decisions like this had really done anything yet but the feeling persisted not much longer I hit a speed bump with my training so ask Raziel for help which leads to me being possessed for two day it felt good but their that something I notice was these thread can’t see but could feel them and just be around people was a lot to take in the more people stronger the emotions my friend confirmed this for me but he could not touch them only I could we’re talking about some deep stuff and decide to summon some for a friend I let my mind guide my hands pull on the proper tread and it works. My aura hadn’t changed much but now it had gold but not really is was the closest thing to it it’s more like a color you can’t really describe. I’m going to say this now since I forgot but I had been work on these hand to help with my senses and they have multiplied and got much bigger I can use them for energy manipulation and to control strands they also Sentiment too thought that was important.so after being possessed I want to do 72 Angels and Daemon Challenge but instead of evocation, I would use pathworking So I got permission from Raziel and Lilith who is somebody had been working on for quite some time and got to work.
my aura had changed Considerably now it had that gold on the right and a black aura on the left after getting both Raziel and Lilith blessing lot Spirits started to show some even in my box (which some space inside my head a mindscape some say and the tread that connect had increased Tremendously They were all colors the gold in the black and the read which I think stand for normal people there was a lot to take in And on top of that I was talking the spirits inside my head and each one of them gave me a central which are marked on different parts of my body now I have some of them written down with descriptions to And after all that figure out some way to get the golden the black the come together But after I did all of that oh my head started hurting a lot And now feels like a bunch of working on my head don’t necessarily know it’s going on well wonder if somebody can tell me what it means to have a twilight or aura

The aura is based off many factors your mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, people will pick up various colors some only get the surface layers while others get the deeper layers.

The colors have various meanings based on the vibes of the one who saw it.


I see thank for the advice but it was missing click to post so just finish editing it I’ll keep that in mind