What does a legion mean

On many of the Solomonic spirits it is said that they have x amount of legions. Wat does that even mean like paimon having over 200 legions

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Their armies. A single legion is a large army, multiple legions are a massive army, each legion with it’s own generals and subordinates, and they’re all under that particular being.

And this happens in hell? Can’t even imagine what infernal realm is like

Who has the most legions anyways ??

First off it’s not exactly a realm, the infernal is a nation within one of the underworlds, not a realm on it’s own. But yes the Goetia has legions, the Gods have legions, and angels have legions, among other entities not of the aforementioned races.

In terms of the Infernal Nation Lucifer does because he’s the ruler of the Infernal, the Goetia’s legions while are under the Goetia, the Goetia are under Lucifer making their legions also part of his legions. The Goetia are akin to Lucifer’s generals.


A legion is a unit within an army whose exact number has changed over the years, but is likely around 5,000 individuals each (seeing as the word legion comes from Legio which referred to that number). 2,000 is also a common number thrown around.


I think 5,000-6,000
A past life memory, I was giving a speech to a legion I was leading, I would estimate 5,000-6,000 warriors were surrounding me.
However it could be my legion was a larger size one, hard to tell, my memories are still foggy

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How do you know about your past life

Soul searching/meditation, divination, etc. However, not something to jump into as a newbie until the newbie is a bit more adept at energy manipulation and scanning.


Can I be taught by you

Oh no, I don’t teach anymore, sorry, but this forum should help you, depending on what you want to learn either working yourself or calling on some entity for help. I personally would go with the former first.

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Okay please teach me

Ok if that’s what you want I respect it

The legions that are mentioned in occult texts are taken from ancient Rome and are equalivant to a military division. I do not think they are being literal but wanting to show that these deities have a number of other spirits that are willing to join them for various tasks.


I thought I would also add that in ancient times the nobility commanded armies or military divisions so many demonologists or occult writers in the middle ages assigned titles and ranking in the Goetia are there theories on the deities status, rank or title. However, in reality, there is no hierarchy in hell or the astral plane were each demon is assigned a rank or title or military command followed by legions or military divisions unless you wish to assign it one.

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I was wandering about this a while ago as I read the Arbatel again. The Olympic Spirits have many legions with each legion consisting of 490 spirits. Aratron had 17,640,000 legionaries under him, and Ophiel had 49,000,000 legionaries under him at the time the Arabtel was written.

where did you get this information?

Wow wtf that’s insane

The infernal does have an hierarchy lol, the astral no because it’s a mental plane so you experience what your imagination manifests. But the infernal is not part of the astral.

The infernal is a pantheon and a nation, it has citizens, military, and a plethora of things not limited to what humanity has. It’s not some chaotic mass of existence where demons have a free for all, the infernal is actually pretty well organized with militaries and all.


The author of the Arbatel who first worked with these spirits (as far as anyone can tell) said how many legions they have. Although it seems he possibly did not know the numbers for all of the seven, since he doesn’t say how many legions Bethor has.

Well the book claims they essentially govern most of the universe, so it makes sense. But there’s no doubt they are immensely powerful spirits, wonderful to work with and very gentle as far as I’ve seen. They are mostly considered to be Angels but they are more like Planetary Spirits. For example, Aratron is related to Saturn and so can help with all matters related to Saturn. Hagith is related to Venus so he can help with all matters related to Venus.

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