What does 6666 mean?

Hello Mage Fam. I would like to get some insight with the number 6666 and what it means for me. The picture is my work trucks mileage. freaky weird. Any thoughts?

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In Hebrew it says

โ€œZ.www whoโ€ ?

Is that what says in English?

It could be Z. AVVVVB

No sorry lol Z.AWWWWA @Daniel_K


It means your truck has gone that many miles. Sometimes a number is just a number.


Donโ€™t take away my Qabalistic fun :sob:

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Yeah, thatโ€™s what I was thinking too, I times it though, number 36 and 216 came up last number was 9072

โ€œ36โ€ is on Lilithโ€™s sigil.

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Okay, cool lol :smiley:


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36, the Hierophant (vav, six) fucking the Priestess (gimmel, three) from behind, if you add them it equals 9, and nine is the number of theth, the letter of the Lust card, and itโ€™s also the number of the Hermit, who shows the myth of Hades and Persephone


My ghetto numerology says its about laying down groundwork for the future and planning ahead. Good things are on the horizon if you keep doing what you are doing.


Itโ€™s the number of the beast (muahaha). :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

That sounds really nice

6 is about turning somrthing transformative stable. After change comes a 6 which calms everything down and allows more complex energies a solid groundwork to build off of. 6x4=24, 2+4=6, so the number 6666 is just 6 delivered through the number 4, which is all about stability.


Oh, I thought you were talking about the 36 that was in the sigil, anyway your ghetto mystical maths are cool

Your stuff is getting hotter all the time. The Sabbath feeling is in the air :sweat_smile:

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After years of working with those cards, with dozens of books read and so many nurturing life experiences, there is a lot of stuff I just cannot unsee

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So it means 6 in numerology.

Destiny number 6

Iโ€™m sure 6 means something different depending if its a life path number or something else.

6666 means you should get back balance in your life
But i dont think it has anything to do with your life right now because its the trucks mileage