What Do YOU Want To See In The Mastering Evocation Program?

I’d love to see a forced possession on an animal, who wouldn’t love to have a couple hellhounds running around watching their back?

[quote=“defectron, post:64, topic:752”]I liked Ipsissimus and book of azazel best.[/quote] Thank you for your quick response !! I will have to get the book of Azazel next then. Still very new to this but can not get enough!

I’ve only read Baneful Magick and Evoking Eternity, it’s hard to say which is better because I enjoy both but if I could only keep one it would be Baneful Magick. It has come in handy many times.

Baneful Magick is just so much fun to read. I’ve read it about 20 times now. The stories are so entertaining. Beats a film any day.

[quote=“TheWanderingFool, post:67, topic:752”]I’ve only read Baneful Magick and Evoking Eternity, it’s hard to say which is better because I enjoy both but if I could only keep one it would be Baneful Magick. It has come in handy many times.[/quote] I must get that book also it seems . Thank you again everyone for your responses.

Yeah BM is so much fun to read and the spells and techniques can be applied to so many different aspects of your magick. I can’t wait for the complete works to ship, I’ve been wanting to read BOA and Ipsissimus as well as work through KOF.

Once the complete works start shipping you may be able to get one on the secondary market. I’m sure many people bought extras for this very reason. I could only get one so it will not be sold for any price.

Concerning forced possessions on animals: I took in a kitten that would otherwise have died, at the point in my experience when evocation was really opening up to me.

I named the cat “Nephilim,” in the plural, as I intended from the onset to evoke demon after demon into the cat.

I fed her my blood, a few drops daily, until she became addicted to it, and would scratch or bite me or visitors to draw their blood.

I then would restrain her inside of the Triangle while evoking, and she would go absolutely nutty.

Over only a few weeks, she was indeed possessed by legions. I would carry her everywhere with me. She was a runt, and was so small that I could easily carry her in the pocket of the duster I’d always wear then. She was literally my animal familiar.

However, she started attacking me at night while I slept, waiting until I was firmly in delta sleep, and then jumping on me and clawing and biting as if to try to kill me.

I ended up giving her to a girlfriend to keep, and she turned out to be the sweetest cat ever. Until I returned to visit this ex-girlfriend a few years later. As soon as Nephilim saw me, she ran and jumped on me and bit and scratched me. My ex’s family were shocked. “She NEVER does that.”

All in all, I do recognize the evil of this series of forced possessions, and interestingly I feel worse about what I did to that cat than any of the hideous things I’ve done to other people.


Awesome story E.A., Thanks for sharing. I agree I generally care more for animals than most people. I’ve thrown some nasty shit at people without a second thought but feel guilty just hearing the dog crying at the door lol. If I thought possession would be cruel to an animal I wouldn’t attempt it.

Evoking your perfected God Aspect and “jumping into the triangle” with this - effectively Going straight for the prize… Performing a perfect possesion of oneself.

There may be a flaw in the practical, but It seems kind of logical, or at least it’s an attempt to push the limits… Perhaps this is what you meant by evoking a living god?

No… no it’s not.

Wow that cat story is interesting. Was she still posessed when you gave her to your girlfreind?

I can see why you might feel that way about the cat, to me animals seem more innocent then any human can be, so I tend to have more sympathy for them then I do for humans.

If one has issues with cruelty to animals, one idea for a more humane solution in making a physical animal familiar could be to either find, or have the spirit find an animal that is about to die and have it posess it right after the spirit departs. Would this be effective though?

Will there be previously unpublished sigils and enns/incantations revealed in this course?

[quote=“Thefourth, post:76, topic:752”]Will there be previously unpublished sigils and enns/incantations revealed in this course?[/quote] Yes,please do tell!!! I am so down for this!!

What is the latest news on the Evocation program?
i.e. release date

Dear E.A i dont have enough words to describe how important this course will be for the serious aspiring magus such as me who live in very distant countries and with no posibilty of learning this from such a powerful magus as yourself. One thing i would like in your course would be the posibility of inviting a neophyte in these arts to perform an evocation privately or in your presence and afterwards you would review the evocation and show us what went wrong and how to correct these mistakes that many neophytes make when they start in these arts. I think its another interesting angle that many of your students may find helpful and this beginner operator would make mistakes in a natural and unforced way while if it is was only you obviously evreything would go perfectly
Secondly would you go over the diference of using the demonic circle of pacts and the gateway of pacts in the evocation of spirits?. And i also heard you were thinking of producing a special universal evocation circle (mandala) with timothy do you have any fresh news on that? Thanks EA for your time and generosity

Second comment, EA would it be posible for you to include the watchtower for demonic, angelic and planetary entities? Does the construction of an altar and the use of a Fetish image of one most favourite entity help in the evocation and could you show us how to build one. thanks again EA

I would like to see some clarification on the circle of pacts, the 1st gateway from BOA and a standard circle and the different ways they can be used.

I will second that, TheWanderingFool. :slight_smile:

Hey just listening to the nate bales interview and it occurred to me, did anyone suggest you include that special evocation of the four gatekeepers? Because I think that’d be badass.

After just doing a consultation with E.A. primarily on evoking, I am more excited than ever for this course to be released.

I hope there is video of E.A. actually doing an evocation, entering into the theta/gamma sync etc. Would be great to model that directly.