What do you think that Dreams are?

Since all is mind and the universe is mental. Do you think we create our own worlds from dreaming or do you think dreams are just symbolic visions that help simulate scenarios so we can learn from them and use for survival? Or do you think dreams are its own plane of existence in itself? Also do you think the dream world and the spiritual world are 1 of the same, connected, or 2 completely different places or things?

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The answer to your question would depend upon the dream and the dreamer. I personally will have dreams that are merely interpretations of what I’m doing astrally. Sometimes I’ll just have normal dreams.

What’s important is understanding your own mind and dreams, not everyone’s as a whole. Understand yourself first and then you can approach a level of understanding the world and it’s mechanisms.

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I believe in Donald Kraig definition (or better, purposes) of dreams:

  • Astral Work
  • Psychological messages
  • or play, the mind at its finest rest
    In can be also a combination of the above.
    That’s why I don’t believe in dream lectures or any meanings other give us, it is personal
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