What do you think of islam saying a guy called imam mahdi will be born to fight the anti christ

What you guys think?

Will something like this happen?

LIke anti christ being born and some muslim prophecy of a guy called imam mahdi being born and beating the anti christ?

I think I read about this, he’s supposed to be the Messiah right?

Personally I don’t believe in the Antichrist in a literal sense.

Many pantheons speak of a ending battle

I personally believe in the return of Kalki and the rebirth of spirituality and the destruction of materialism by his aid

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I haven’t heard of this, but imo nothing could be more antithetical to the ideal of Christ than modern-day organised religion. If anything is anti-Christ, it is the very existence of church indoctrination.

So, I would pay it no attention. Personally.


Two options are that 1) the Imam, Christ, Kalki, Maitreya… are the same i. e. an actual being and/or a symbol referencing a certain “principle”; 2) the Antichrist is pertinent to a specific religion, and a literal Apocalypse would show through facts which the wrong one is.
Personally I’m more inclined towards the first case (and there may be others too) because I feel it’s better to think of an unity under the differences on the surface; but almost anything is possible.

I don’t have an opinion on it.

A wack Christian acquaintance of mine thinks that this guy Mahdi will turn out to be the Antichrist cuz some tv televangelist preacher said so. (She’s been trying to convince me of that occasion).

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Not sure, but for all those who are not of the Christian faith, Jung’s Aion sufficed to scare the shit out of me in regards to this concept… I think many people here will like the take away though (I mean I do, as a means to rebalance the psyche, at the very least… maybe not the way it will happen)

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imam mahdi sounds like it means something in arabic, probably describes the kind of person rather than their actual name tbh, at least thats how these things usually tend to go

Personally I see it as bs(if you take it literally R. Most beliefs believe in the world ending and some dude charging on a horse but imo its more symbolic than anything


Simple – I dont think of Islam at all on the average day.