What do you think of high positioned masons who know the truth about the world (and systems, hierarchy etc)

Are there truths or theories about this?? I’ve seen a mason whistleblower that said some surprising things and read that masons worship lucifer (which only masons who are high in position know about this) I’ve got literally nothing to do so I decided to post this lolz

I’ll take this piece by piece:

  1. If the “whistleblower” you have in mind is the one I’m thinking of, and I have reason to suspect that it is because the “most Masons except those in the highest circles are oblivious to the luciferian aims of masonry” meme is his, he’s full of shit.

1.1) He pushes fundamentalist Baptistism. Baptists have always hated Masons. That guy’s shitty DVDs have subsequently I’m sure sold through the roof.

  1. Masonry was a formative influence on world affairs historically through its influence in five nations primarily: Scotland, Later the UK at large, Then France, Germany, and the United States.

  2. Masons on the whole have never run the world. French and some German lodges schismed quite early on, ripoffs and sister organizations were formed, and the organization has made powerful enemies over the years in the Catholic and Baptist churches and the governments of many nations, and I doubt that’s an exhaustive list.

  3. The power and influence of masons has sharply declined in the past two or three generations, especially in the United States.

  4. The tenets of Masonry are expressly and strictly politically and religiously neutral. Bringing either up in a lodge is one of the few things that can get you kicked out of the organization.