What do you think about while casting?

Just a general question here but what do you particularly think of while casting?

For example say your casting a love spell.

Do you write on your petition “so and so WILL love me”

Or do you write “so and so loves me deeply”?

Essentially what I’m asking is do you visualise it HAPPENING (emphasis on the G)

or do you visualise yourself receiving it RIGHT NOW.

Do you feel the emotions of this state as your rubbing the oils in to the candle and adding the herbs and so on.

Because I know for me when I’m doing a contact me spell I usually imagine the communication already stands and write my petition as such

“I am grateful for the constant communication me and ___ ___ have”

But am I doing it wrong?

Please help.

You should visualize the result you want when you cast your spell. You should believe that you are already with the person you want to be with.


Yes! The more emotion the better. Just don’t be obsessed with it.

Then after you’ve finished your ritual, let it go. No lust for results. Go watch TV, or go outside. Or whatever. Just don’t think about the spell.

yes visualize and feel yourself with the person. Imagine the scenarios you will do when with them like its happened or is happening and try feel with as many senses as possible and feel the emotion around it. Get into it and direct it into the ritual. Expound the energy into it as best as you can putting your all into it. Say for instance you imagine they are saying they love you, they are having sex with you, your going on walks, your sat in your home, your laughing and joking. Masturbating while doing this also adds power may I add and especially sending it off on climax helps a lot, if a guy try not ejaculate for 3 days prior to add extra power to this, you can do stuff but hold the climax back. Then when you do the ritual you have more power behind it. But thats just an extra you can add and not a given.

Even asking things like a question can help like ‘How did … fall in love with me?’ or ‘Why does … think I am so hot?’ etc etc. Prior to a ritual if to do with love I first do my banishing and then I have a ritual shower prior and imagine I am showering ready to be with that person and hold that thought in my mind. I get into the mood prior and then relax and go into a trance state as best as I can and then perform the ritual. Try to get as much of your intent energy into the ritual as you can, expound it into it so that you are not thinking of it after. Then do as CyberLord said and do mundane stuff after. Some people I have known like to end a ritual talking in tongues, its still magickal, but breaks you away from the ritual and then go back to normal after by say watching tv, going out or eating etc.

This all makes sense to me and really do throw myself in to the ritual and completely involve myself in the spell.

I feel it with every part of me and image my desire is already here.

However the part I mess up with is detaching from said person. I’ll do the spell and my belief is super high that night and I stay in the mindstate that I want until I drift off. But upon waking slowly throughout the day the doubts slip back in.

Any advice for this?

Turn any doubt to positive by say imagining the person laying in bed with you right now, or making breakfast for you, walking with you. That then employs the conscious mind to start believing and working with the intent in the subconscious and turns a negative into a positive as your living it. Then once you have done this just carry on as normal until it pops back up again.

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Its like making an engraven image (doll, picture etc) of a person and imagining it is the real thing and pumping the energy into it until it actually does become the real thing when it manifests.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing but wasn’t sure if it was having any actual effect. This just reassured me that I’m handling those thoughts correctly. Thank you!

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Aren’t these the same thing?

I think it’s good to imagine the end result manifesting for a variety of reasons, but with love spells especially if you get too worked up about it or hasty then you can blow up your spell.

That’s kind of pushy and probably likely to blow up your spell. I’ve seen magick cause some radical changes to occur in people and for sequential events to unfold in ways that suited my purposes, but you can still fuck your spells up if you get too obnoxious with it.