What do you think about Christians?

Hello, I think especially for many grown up in Christian families, like mine, there have been imposed on us many wrong prejudices about Satanism and on Father Satan. Because of these prejudices, now our minds are blocked in a certain sense, because we can not yet distinguish between good and evil, and we are afraid of the unknown and fear in a certain sense of something we do not know well. If there were Satanic schools as there are Christian schools since our birth, we could have chosen which school to attend and learn the beautiful art of evocation (without being afraid to do so) and so on. Unfortunately, during the time these Satanic schools did not create themselves, and we still live in a very very full world of wrong Christian prejudices. In my opinion, Christians believe in one of their gods who never existed or could never manifest as we do with the Demons. So why these Christian people must have prejudices about us that, after all, we do not do anything wrong. I know that usually prejudices are given on something that is not known and judged before knowing. So, all prejudices are wrong regardless but those Christians are even more so. Because it does not pre-judge on faith. Thanks for the attention. I could say bad words about Christians, but I do not get down to their level.

PS. Thank you Prince Sitri.


For me, it depends on the Christian. I also grew with Christianity in the household, but while there have been many douchebags, I’ve also met some genuinely accepting and wonderful people. Hell, I’ve even met Christians that actually practice magic and evocate demons.


That’s not true. I once saw the Father in a vision, it was also the first time I saw Our Lady, Mary in a vision. I’ve seen Jesus Christ, but I haven’t seen the Holy Spirit.

There are also dozens of Saints in the History of the Catholic Church who have also seen Jesus Christ. Like St. Maria Faustyna Kowalska, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, and many, many others.


As with all religions its the fundamentalist nutjobs i cant stand, i have christian friends that are all good ppl some of them thou more narrowminded then others but same goes for ppl of other faits.

Respect my rights to my beliefs and world view and i show you the same curtisy.
Simple as that, but If ppl have to start pushing their religion on me i see that as a sign of weakness If their religion is that good it would sell itself(;


I think as people they aight. I wish they were more tolerant but I understand their beliefs do not allow them to be. I don’t feel comfortable around them though because I feel like I cannot be myself.


It’s kinda funny. Any person who has ears to hear or eyes to see can look at the history of JCI and tell you what it means:
Don’t be a dick about religion!

If that message isn’t brutally obvious to someone, then they do not have the subtext reading skills required for spiritual awareness. Whoever wrote lines for Jesus was a seer and philosopher. If the gospels are true accounts, then Jesus was constantly annoyed with the apostle’s lack of poetic insight.


I just don’t like the religion at all. I think even good natured Christians are misguided. Fundamentalists are dangerous. There’s plenty of evidence, historic and textual, to treat the religion with suspicion.

Jews and Muslims I’m okay with because they keep to themselves, at least the ones I know.


Muslims and Christians I find intolerant and irritating. Completely blind, mostly. The only Christians I like being around are Christians who don’t take their faith seriously lol. Islam is violent and horrible but that doesn’t go for all Muslims. And Jews leave time the hell alone and don’t preach on street corners so I happen to not mind them.


The tragedy of Christianity lies in the fact that most Christians ain’t very Christian.

The doctrines also inherently appeal to human cowardice and narcissism, which pisses me off.


What do I think of them?
It wish more of them would be more like their Christ.


Scum of the earth
Muslims and Atheists as well.
These three specific groups are pretty much hated by the Gods and Spirits alike.

I’m not gonna bullshit with my opinion, I’m just gonna be honest
Their fucking Scum

I know I’m being pretty harsh, it just angers me seeing human potential wasted.


You should read the book Divine Warrior : The Birth Of Heresy by James Wasserman.

Best answer I can give for me is don’t ask. That is just asking to open a big can of worms.

Contrary to everyone else, I can get along with a Christian, under certain terms. I’m friends with a few that are aware I practice witchcraft. I’m ok, so long as you don’t enforce your opinions (glances at someone) or beliefs on me.


I agree, but the best thing is to be you. It’s just a a Matter of self respect (for themselves) and respect for others.


I feel sorry for them. When I was a Christian I went to church, prayed,fasted,volunteered, gave money financially to people in need,etc… I also studied theology and ministry for 4 years. To be honest spiritually I felt very empty and frustrated. I felt like despite my best efforts I wasn’t worthy of Gods love. Idk why but in the Christian religion they hook you in with the whole “Jesus loves you just the way you are” and your like okay thanks this is great! And once you are in they r like “ he loves you as you are, but he loves you too much to leave you that way”… thus comes the people telling you you aren’t good enough. As a Christian you hear that in a million different ways. That God is mad at you, that you need to be a “frontline” Christian. That you should make a better commitment to God and his work. So you jump through hoops and then one day look up like…ummmmm does god really even care if I do or don’t do all this shit? Lol leaving Christianity and following my path has empowered me. Whereas I felt Christianity always kicks people in the ass until they are exauhsted . So they do act like assholes a lot of them but then I realize why because deep down inside they feel mad at themselves for not being perfect and they are too scared shitless to openly question their beliefs. It’s sad really


So basically like 70ish percent of the world population :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently I was curious to do a search for “Is not working out a sin?”. I found one result for that, but also (as I somewhat expected) some people wondering whether DO working out is a sin.
Here we have the same paranoia about Halloween, Harry Potter, a comment on Youtube about jack-in-the-box and the joker which are connected to the devil etc.
Then again, sure: physical exercise should not become more important than the Right or Left Hand “Supreme”. But in magic and esotericism the point of view and the approach are a bit more technical than in religion.
Regarding other things, there is the generic one about not assuming that Christianity is necessarily the only way.

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I find myself :joy: a nice guy who hates the dogma’s but respects every other believe as long as they respect me. I’m between RHP and LHP

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I don’t dislike Christians at all. I’ve met many good Christians however, is what I do not like is their God.

Like many of us, in our younger years there were times we really needed spiritual guidance, help, love and hope. Some of us probably even cried out to their ‘God’ for those things, and I nearly guarantee the answer never came.
There was no answer, no divine revelation and no mercy on the suffering soul.
What sort of ‘Almighty God’ of the supposed Highest power would leave his own creations, his own beings made in his own image to suffer with no relentless end?

In the words of a young poet;
“I hate the fact that I have to believe
You haven’t been chatting with me like you did Adam and Eve
And I ain’t seen no talking snake unravel from trees
With an apple to eat, that shit never happens to me
I don’t know if you do or don’t exist, shit is driving me crazy
Send your condolences, this is me reaching to you so don’t forget
If hell is truly your pit of fire and I get thrown in it
I’mma probably regret the fact that I ever wrote this shit”