What do you suggest

I’m a Beginning black magician and I was wondering what grimiore do you think is the best for a Beginner magician like me

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Depends on what you want to do.

General Practice, Historical primer, Evocation, or certain currents/niches like Vampirism, Qliphothic pathworking, Lovecraftian current …

So what would you like?

If you want to get down into general practice, you can’t go wrong with EA’s ebooks. He sells them on his site. You will get the basics, and fully viable forms of general practice, astral travel, cursing and evocation.

If you want physical books, you’ll have to decide what you want first. After that I’m sure you’ll get many suggestions.

Trust me it is easy to waste a small fortune on useless books. Take your time and continue to ask questions until you find exactly what you need. I wasted lots of money and unless you are rich, I don’t wish that for you.


I’d said buy The Become a living God e-book, it was specifically written to cover all basis of magick,
Evocation, Divination, Soul travel, and a lot more, watch E.A.'s videos, and between them it will give you the best start, if you have any specific questions always feel free to ask here.

And this is not me shilling for BALG btw. it really is made for beginners, it will tell how to do this things, and then once you know how to do them, you can decide upon what you want to do with them.