What do you perceive behind this sigil?


Beautiful eh? Is that all that came to your mind? Please let me know what else comes to your mind after some time of contemplation. Thank you.

I feel like I have seen this sigil before. However, I cannot pinpoint where, when or what it means. When I saw this I got the feeling as though I remembered seeing it before.

Screams angelic to me

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I thought, the same. That has angel written on it

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I see runes. Gebo, fehu, thurisaz, tiwaz, eiwaz

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I see a mix. Angelic, and Norse. However, when I see it it reminds me of a lotus flower. When I see it I see a flower. But it’s either angelic, Norse or both

Forward momentum. Judgement and protection. It seems to be a juxtaposition of runic protection and Enochian insight. I get the sensation of a masculine energy with more merciful feminine attributes, Elemental frequencies are strong when mentally visualizing the sigil.

I cannot recall if i ever have seen this before, if someone created it and it is not referenced from a more widely known source.

Also. It feels really tempermental…

Yes, something about it felt very comforting and warm. I agree with the other users that it possibly has some angelic element to it!

It feels energetic, definitely has a strong angelic vibe to it