What do you guys think of this?

The users on here seem to be on much friendlier terms with the Goetia spirits. On other forums however, people are very against making contact with them especially for the beginners and often mention how these entities have hidden agendas and are using humans for their own gains. Heres a recent post about Bune: https://www.reddit.com/r/occult/comments/89kxxb/the_goetia_deliver_but_you_should_still_stay_away/

What do you guys think of this?


Some of them, sure. I do not have automatic trust for spirits, and I am of the school of thought that not all of them have our best interests in mind one bit. But that is some of them, not all, and certainly not every goetic is out to get you.


r/occult is juat bad.
Full of egotistical special snow flakes.

Staying away from the goetia, hidden agenda?
What are we christian sorcerers using god names, because you cant grow a pair and step out of our safety circle…smh


I agree haha.


Well I have read your post and the link.

Just to reflect at this and the Reddit post.
I’m in a difficult period now. Girlfriend gone, uncle died and more things. And yes I do think I had to let go of my girlfriend. Because it will bring other things in my life. So I think this has had to do with closing a period in my life. Not everything, but a part.

Now I have a Christian background. So it would be easy to blame the nice spirits I work with now. For example Lucifer. The longer I follow the more I feel he changes my life. But I truly believe for the best. So I’m not going to blame anyone, I thank them and yes at times I did cry or get angry. But in no means at the spirits I work with. I feel support and they will get me through this in a better way.


When I did read your example I saw someone who did use the spirits (got what they wanted) and after a time they have difficulties in life and they blame them, instead of looking at their situation and work on that situation.

I see a lot of discussions warn for those terrible spirits :wink: . That always made me think. Are they really that bad? Or are we reflecting our mainstream knowledge on them. Find out, ask them. Feel their energy.

The top comment and the replies give our side though lol

Basically call op an idiot for getting what he wanted and backing out. There is some good to be found


I think people expect demons to be their bitch and that’s why they get negative results, OR they break their pacts, OR they don’t realize the chaos can be healthy and useful in bringing about necessary changes. Demons are best learned about through direct contact, without JCI poison infecting your mind or basing your methods on dead people’s words. Glean what’s useful from old grimoires, but don’t depend on them too heavily. If your intuition says don’t trust this demon, then don’t trust him. If your intuition says this demon can be counted on, count on him.


Nailed it.

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What I took from it was the individual asked for help and got it. Got irritated that they felt Bune around. Still asked for help AGAIN . And then talked shit about Bune? Sounds like a few of my exes. Consider the source.


That’s probably exactly it. They’re like Zak Bagans, from Ghost Adventures, by saying “I command you to do everything I tell you or else!!1!1!”

(Don’t get me wrong, Zak is an okay guy, but sometimes he’s just… not very bright…)


You never saw the episodes where he purposely bashes all of us I’m guessing.

He destroyed a woman’s life by publicly saying she’d cursed a pizzaria and was trying to kill the family. It got her fired from her new job.

He also has gone on tangents about how our community are evil and harming the public.
He’s a douche bag and charlatan.

The only authentic ghost show I’ve seen was Ghost Hunters, the rest are full of it.


Ooh, dang… Well, I haven’t seen Ghost Adventures since I changed my religious stand point, and things also go over my head. :sweat_smile:

It’s okay I might still be able to fine the articles and episodes. She even sued him because he refused to basically redact what he said.

He’s so showman it makes me sick personally and his fans go CB on you for disagreeing with him.

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What’s more disgusting about this is the wife is a damn witch too.