What do you guys think about this

So I was just looking around on YouTube and I found this

As I listened to it my third eye just bursted open


That’s kinda creepy where did you even find that.

It sounds like the conjuration of the mountains of Mashu. I distinctly heard “Shaddu u Liktum Kunushi”


I have no idea what that is :joy:

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It is a conjuration from the Simon Necronomicon. I have worked with it in the past so it kind of jumped out at me, even though it was distorted. Each line he stated began with “Shaddu u”, so there is also that.


Ah, cool thanks!

I find a lot of weird stuff haha

I see that :slight_smile:

If you think that one is weird listen to a little bit of this one


I listened to that first video on loop for a while and my entire body started feeling really weird. My third eye isn’t open didn’t open though.