What do you guys make of this

Hi everyone,
So I have been around the boards for a few weeks and am pretty new to magic. I have tried to contact Duke Sallos for help with a women I like but I don’t seem to feel anything or see much results. I have asked for certain things like a text from her and gotten it, but I can’t feel his energy. However, I have been contacting Lord Lucifer and almost instantly feel him. I have to lie down right after I talk to him because I feel drained. The other day while laying in bed I closed my eyes and said his Enn and he was there. No candle or sigil. He appeared in my head and answered my questions. I guess what I’m asking is should I just focus on Lucifer since I can feel him, especially with my girl issues. Any thoughts or recommendations will be appreciated.


Focus on where the energy is coming from. If you are getting messages from one spirit I would focus on that.

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Well if it’s working…PiercingAdmiredAmericanpainthorse-max-1mb