What do you guys feel from these Sigils


First one, a servitor.

Second one … Aliens.

  1. Do I smell plagarism?

  2. I stared at it until I went into the sync and I saw the Flying Spaghetti Monster, may his noodly appendage always touch you. But no seriously, I think that it means that it’s an artificial creation, or perhaps that it rules things that are artificially created, or perhaps that it causes artificial creations.

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1.all seeing eye is watching me .
2.all seeing eye is taking off as a spaceship


I want to dance with the first one. Just what came to mind.


Mischief from the forst one, for sure. :thinking:

Second seems other-worldly, but that could be the spacecraft resemblnce.

These sigils I just drew kinda on pulse
Pretty sure I created a servitor unintentionally with the first.
The second I’m not sure what I made but everyone seems to think it has something to do with aliens!

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I’ve been drawing eyeballs with horns coming out of em for along time.
Not sure why tho :thinking: