What do you do with things from a witch friend?

So after some time recently my friend a witch who taught me lots of things and we did rituals very oft passed away. I have received some of her things like tarot cards, astrology and numerology books, her witch calender with important notes inside. I am also doing some energy work and I See her struggling. I know she is happy that i have received her most pretious things, divination objects. She had a sigil hidden somewhere to connect her to her Goddess. I don’t know who has it.

Should i use her Decks? We Kind of used them together almost every day. I was thinking to make her a shrine with these things. What do you guys do in such a Situation?

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I can’t take much time to reply in depth right now, hopefully a bump will get you some good replies, have a feeling to call @Mephisto for this and I keep thinking of Hekate. :thinking:

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Integrate them into your practice and call upon her spirit on occasion. Basically the whole ancestor veneration but with a friend instead of your direct ancestor.

If she left you her tools, it’d be disrespectful to not use them.


Kinda of unrelated but I would never make friends with another magician/occultist in the first place.

Friendships go sour , sometimes even over the smallest things and the last thing I want to do is duke it out with another lhp practitioner.

Another thing is they could use you. Not that I’m judging but I know how I am and if I had a friend who is well off I would definately use that to my advantage to benefit the shit out of me.

Maybe I’m just paranoid though ?

Absolutely. They not only have her energy but they were also given to you with her intent, which builds the universe on a deeper level than energy. She intended your use of those objects. They’ve been enchanted by her and her intent for your use of her things.

They can be used to contact her and in general. They have both hers and your energy on them, which can be used as a gateway between her and you. You were given a gift, one of power at that. It’d be a shame to see it wasted.

That is one such route.


Thank you very much guys your council helps me a lot :sunny:

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You and your friend have used them together. I would use them as it is what she would want. These items will help you as they contain her power.