What do to in next moon

Hello Everyone ,

Full moon is on the way, I would like to learn your plans about it.
Especially those who Works with Angels



Gathering/making moon water.

Shadow work. It’s a full moon in Scorpio, perfect time for it.


What is moon water
What do you use it for?

Water charged with energies of the moon. Moon water you can use for any time of spell work you would like.
For this moon, I’m gonna use it for the tea that I take before I go to sleep (mugwort or wormwood). Not all of it though. Don’t know what else I will use it for…
Either way, it’s useful. :smiley:


Do I need to wait overnight :innocent:I will charge my pendulum and Tarot Cards.

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Yes. Well, at least that’s how I make it… sun goes down, I leave the water in a bowl by the window (or outside), I remove it 30min before dawn. I’m usually up at night, so it’s no problem for me.
If it’s a warm night, I cover the bowl with a plastic film (so I won’t drink moon water with insect flavour, lol).

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Thank you.

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i thought it was a the “flower moon” are u sure?

Well As far as I know Its full moon

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U found your tarot cards? good for you. or did i get you confuse with someone else? lol

No It was me :slight_smile:
After doing a ritual with Archangel chamuel I found them :slight_smile:

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It’s called “flower moon” because of the blooming flowers in the northern hemisphere. It’s Spring over there, right?

Astrologically, the Moon will cross paths with the zodiac constellation of Scorpio.

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I have none , I do magic year around daily .

ooh i see. i am glad to learn a new thing.

thank you for the clarification

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It’s the last supermoon of the year so I’m doing a big. Cermony done one on the other two previous supermoons ! This supermoon is called the milk moon !
Blessed be

What so you recommend I should be doing?

It is the flower-moon ! But in the states it also goes under the name of milk-moon. And in many English heritage areas !

what is the name of the book if I may ask

Interesting thank you!

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bookmarked thanks

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