What do succubi think about human male?

What are their opinion about human males?

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Succubus are individuals you’d have to ask each individual succubus to know the answer to that. A succubi can like them, not care about them, hate them, etc.


I think the best thing to do is ask one or lilith. They have their own personalities and feelings, like us.

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I second Rungr on this; succubi need hosts to survive and they all handle and cope with that differently. Some form emotional bonds with their hosts and loathe themselves for killing them, some really get off on it, some are just like “dammit, I’m hungry again time to take another human out of the fridge, microwave it and hork it down with a spork while I watch TV.”


Each entity has their own thoughts on this subject. They have also had their own experiences. Us humans have done some pretty bad things, so there will be a few more bitter than others. But like I said, depends on their personalities and experiences.


If feeding them kills you, you must be really weak.

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Feeding them isn’t what kills you. According to legend their kiss, however, can.

Accoding to legend Jesus is our savior and there are ice giants roaming out there.


There ain’t a lot of cross cultural validity in accounts of Christ as Lord and savior.

Reports of sometimes killer sex demons and ill tempered giants I give more creedence to, because there are more of them across the globe and the ages.

From what I have experienced with succubus and incubus a lot of them do feed on sexual energy but it doesn’t matter the race and some do it only to their significant other, some are more polygamous, some are more forceful with it and so forth. However there’s also what my friends and I call “high energy” ones that don’t need to feed and only do it for pleasure purposes not the need for it or not at all. I don’t mean high and low as how people view “low demons” and “high demons” but more in some of their energy systems and it’s storage are just larger and doesn’t require them to feed.


If you go out there believing in whatever because a lot of people have said it through the ages, you must have hardcore superstitions.

A superstition implies a belief disconnected from the nature of reality in fact. If I’ve neither confirmational nor disconfirmational evidence of a belief’s relation to the nature of reality in fact, it cannot very well be superstition.

You should get that confirmation, so you would stop believing in myths and legends.

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Probably the same opinion most of us hold of cattle.

And you suggest doing so how, exactly?

I find confirmation in occult is either seeing it solo or with SPG which is when you and a few others experience it together without frontloading each other. Shared Personal Gnosis. I assume he means something like that? But i don’t know.

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Phlogiston was a “shared gnosis,” later disconfirmed. Whatever confirmation is, then, consensus particularly amongst a rather temporally and culturally homogenous collective, ain’t it.

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