What do spirits in your home look like?

Hello everyone, the topic is name is sort of accurate what I want to ask, so im just gonna and explain it here better. I’ve read around a few topics that some people would see spirits in their home, either passing by, observing or some other activity and my question is what do they look like actually? Did they come from the Astral plane? And how do they even choose your home or they just pop up randomly?

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This is a really hard question because so many people have different opinions on it in general but I’ll give my answer on the topic since I know quite a bit about the ones in my home at least…

  1. Spirits take on many forms. Some of them are more vivid in displaying their “true form” and will manifest as shadows / silhouettes within your vision. At least until you can directly see them, that takes a lot of practice and a lot of the people who can can’t do it 100% of the time. Some of them will make it blatantly known that they are there and move things out of place, play around with things you can see, etc. It’s not the same in every case though.

  2. Sometimes. That ones to hard to answer, not all spirits are directly from the Astral plane. Some are on our plane as well. The issue with the question of planes is that we assume they don’t all lay on top of each other.

  3. Usually, you’d have to ask them. Generally it’s because as human’s we project as a beacon. Think of us like signal towers that bounce signals around and spirits are looking for a direct connection to the right beacon. Sometimes they find it, sometimes they dont. Sometimes it’s 100% random.


Thank you for replying! But so, you say that they manifest as shadows/silhouettes within the vision, thats very interesting because for sometime I have been seeing shadows in the corner of my eye. Also, what kind of forms do the spirits in your home take?

I have seen spirits in my home take on 3 different forms. The first is the typical shadow person. I have clairaudiance & I spoke to one of these beings for about an hour one night. I had on a fan that gave great white noise for him to come forward and speak. This being said he was my neighbor who died a week before. He spoke of his children, none I had ever heard about before. He basically told me about his life. I later spoke with his family and confirmed everything he told me. Right down to the name of his cat Bossy. His shadow was visible the whole time we spoke. Usually when I see a shadow person, they peek around a door or wall. They always do it twice and the 2nd time is always freeky.
The second form of spirit I saw looked like the typical banshe. (Sry 4 spelling errors) It appeared 3ft away and glided from my bedroom door to my window which is a straight walk. Only its face appeared. It was a very old woman with a sash. What maid her banshee was her long hair which looked like the old woman spirit @ the beginning of ghostbusters movie or the one in raiders of the lost arc when they open the arc and the spirits change to anger. Her hair was like it had a life of its own.
The 3rd looked like the typical grey zeta alien, except it was brown not grey. I woke up and saw him beside my bed and he just walked off. I wasnt going after him lol!


Shadows, mostly.

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The story about your neighbour’s spirit is amazing! I cannot imagine how interesting it was to speak with a spirit, also the banshe encounter sounds scary so to say and an alien aswell? I mean, thats new now, I dint expect that aliens could also visit your home like spirits do.

They are pretty strong to be honest.


You know, you made me tear up, such beautiful spirits I dint expect to see haha! But you’re not that special here, I too can see those spirits and sometimes they give me euphoria, sometimes they posess me and I end up somewhere randomly with not a single clue how I got there!

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The entities in my home come from the etheric, they are mostly passing by in a sense but also stopping by to chat. I have come to have 2 jinn, a Hel hound from Helhiem, a hellhound from the infernal, a few other entities I talk to.

The form they usually take is their true form, either because I don’t normally let my mind alter what they appear as and I usually request they use their true forms not a shapeshifted one. Mainly because I don’t accept false forms at least that’s what I call them, and they seem to prefer being in their true forms which is a win win.


Thats interesting, this is the first time I have heard about The Etheric, but also to talk with Jinn and hellhounds, I hope one day I could have experiences like yours!

Yeah I don’t view the astral the same way it’s viewed here. To me the etheric is the home or entities and astral home of thoughtforms and such the collective unconscious. However I do believe beings can visit there and meet there just as we can so there’s that.

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I encounter them on the reg. You will know they are there lol. Quite often FOR ME its either a blue aura outline, or a distorted face etc. Its always sudden and its definately astral. Once you open up your 3rd eye, it just starts happening. Also through evocation etc, you open yourself up to these sort of things. I encounter it everywhere not just my home.


I thought I should mention that ever since I posted last on this thread, I have been seeing quick flashes of spirits. It is almost like a projector that is spinning along its film and in only one pic on the reel there is a person’s image in one frame. Its so quick, I barely catch it. Am I going crazy or is this normal? I can hear spirits, but I have never seen spirits in this exact manor before. Not with flashes anyway.

Fractals! :slight_smile: