What do I do next?

Hey guys,

So yeah I told you guys about that I am working with a spirit on my career and finances and he gave me specific instructions on what to do time frame and everything.

So I went to the place he told me to go to and did everything he told me to do, not to the T but almost to the T, he told me not to worry about it.

Before I went there the spirit also told me to possess my business cards with his power and its funny because when I closed my eyes I started drawing kind of his sigil without noticing.

Anyways, when I was leaving I put the stack on cards on the desk of the girl that was attending me all of this was part of the plan.

But then when I placed the stack of business cards she told me not to give them so many because I was going to waste them. It kind of made me fill doubt of the whole situation.

Then I started doing completely different behaviors of what I usually do I went to the gym I always want to train with, I went shopping which I needed new clothes.

So yeah, at the beginning I got the feeling of what the hell am I doing? What if it doesnt work? You know the mind chatter started flowing. But then I kept hearing be at peace everything is going to take care for you from this point forward.

So my question to you guys are a couple.

When you possess objects with spirits power when do they have effect on people, when they touch or when they are around them or what is the deal, because my business cards have specific intentions, but the girl’s comment kind of made me worry a bit.

And two, I keep hearing just relaxing and enjoy, everything will get taken care for you so do I just chill or what do I do, then thing is that I am taking a HUGE leap of faith here by just chilling you know.

As always, thank you guys!

Make a sandwich.

Sounds like everything is going fine. Just relax and retract.

Yes, people are affected by possessed objects when they touch them.

The sound of a voice can do that too…the part about relaxing… is that you probably think to much in the results you expect. Do not expect, just think it is as it is and there is no other way, if they tell you. You must trust, if you do not trust…they will not help you. So give yourself completely.

Relax and be confident your will is being done. If the spirit told you it is being taken care of trust the spirit until it gives you reason not to.

The objects can affect people by touching or by just being near the energy, how susceptible or impressionable they are will effect how well it works.

[quote="-TWF-, post:5, topic:1608"]Relax and be confident your will is being done. If the spirit told you it is being taken care of trust the spirit until it gives you reason not to.

The objects can affect people by touching or by just being near the energy, how susceptible or impressionable they are will effect how well it works.[/quote]

It also depends if the object is designed to be possessed by the spirit, but then you’d be talking about a power item that would become an open gateway of power for the spirit. Seeing as this is what this entails, few people naturally have decided to make such objects. However, there are books that can help illustrate the process and what is to be achieved.

The basic premise is that you imbue an object with spiritual power and consecrate it as a nexion of that spirit’s power/consciousness to this world. Sometimes the end result of this, is that the object is possessed by a spirit, or possessed by it’s familiar, or becomes a living, thinking, and aware extension of that spiritual force it was attached to or whatever type of consciousness breathed life into the object. Once you make one, don’t expect it to leave your possession either. And if you destroy it, I’m sure you’ll piss something off. I can say that the current conventions on the “details” of how it’s done are not 100% accurate, apparently the idea of a pact isn’t necessary, but it is advised to all people who “enjoy their sanity” and “value their safety”. But the knowledge of what they are is accurate enough.

This object has the ability to warp the space and time around it and it opens a gateway which simultaneously acts like an unlimited power source, and a gateway which can be controlled by the sorcerer/spirit associated with it to open up and flood this world with spiritual forces connected to this realm/power source and have it do the sorcerers bidding.

The simple and benign designs of impregnating objects with raw spiritual power and seeing what happens, will generally produce the same results but only to scale of the power source you attach it to and how temporary this power source is. You’re warping reality around you, but the power and intensity are up to you. With what most people do, the operation becomes a mild charge that will wear away, sometime within a lunar cycle or so usually. Or you could overdo the fuck out of it with some mad science/black magick, and possibly give it self awareness and vast power and never need to charge it again because you are in constant awe of it.

Just as the large mass of a planet or star warps the vary space and time around it, the quantity of energy X (multiplied) frequency of the intent behind it = (equals) the ability or extent capable of warping reality around it. That, and once again, certain materials are much more suited to this than others, but will always be specific to the spirit/force/consciousness it’s connected with.

This is difficult to quantify, but this is a general outline of how I see as a rather abstract concept that you’re talking about.

I hope that helps someone.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis


I actually have an idea for something like that using Connolly’s gate opening method from Infernal Colopatiron. The idea is to charge and item in a gateway and then take the already charged item and charge it again in a series of gateways, kind of like the gain stages of a guitar amp. You keep boosting the signal until you get a very hot distorted signal. I’m still reading her other works to make sure I haven’t missed anything in her system before trying this.

The item would be placed in a manmade gateway but by charging it in the essence of the being you’ve called you could very likely cause the object to be a natural gateway itself. Depending on what you’ve summonned and imbued the item with the potential is quite enticing and terrifying.

I’ve yet to try this due to Connolly’s stance that gate opening is extremely dangerous due to A) The longer a gate is open the harder it is to close. B)The longer its open the more likely “something” you didn’t intend will cross through. C) The potential for something to go wrong scares the shit out of me and lastly D) I’m not quite crazy or suicidal enough to attempt it…but give me time there’s always tomorrow.