What do I do in this situation as a witch who practices in secret?

So I am living at home and won’t have my own place for another 2 years or so, how can I speak out loud to the demons, angels and other spirits/entities or do spells where I have to chant or shout?

I don’t live alone and I live in a flat/apartment where the walls are somewhat thin, any suggestions?

Sure I could write letters and burn them to ‘send’ them to the ether, but is that as effective?

I also can’t burn any incense where I live, unless I go and stay at my mother’s place, any alternatives I can use?

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Who dictates that they are all requirements in regards to magic. :thinking:

You need no tools, no voice and no incense to perform magic.
You can always venture out and about in woodlands and do it there, if you desire to be loud.


Say them in your mind and pretend your being heard by the universe. I’ve got this from the book Archangels of Magick , works just fine !


You don’t have to say anything out loud. You can use the voice in your mind to petition them. Although writing letters is just as good, it would just kind of suck to have to use paper over and over again. You can whisper if you feel the need to vocalize but still want to be quiet. You can contact demons with just your mind, you can trace sigils with your hands if you feel the need.

As diamond said also, incense or even fire isn’t necessary. Incense is just formality. You can offer tea, food, colored candles, flowers, and more instead. Plenty of college students in dorms (well, before the virus at least) have the same challenge, some can’t perform obviously at all and make their altars look like décor.

You can use your own body as the altar, also, wearing colors, jewelry, makeup, etc associated with the entity if you want.

Again as Diamond said it’s not necessary, but these are some ideas you can use.


I have been where you are at. As a friendly FYI, you do not need to speak outloud for magick to be effective. I would say that imagining your voice being loud and thunderous can be as powerful as actually speaking, so don’t sweat that.

Why not develop an astral temple and work from there? If you do this, you can simply meditate to that location & do rituals from there. Plus, astral temples require no tools or incense - just imagine it and make it so. Consider it.


Some good ideas, alcohol is a nice offering too😏

Not bad, good improvisation skills there :thinking:


In my local area our folk magic asks for the practitioner to wear certain clothes for ceremonies, or specific colors and beaded jewelry when performing certain spells, so it just makes sense to me to use one’s wardrobe for everyday occult!

you don’t have to shout. you can whisper with a mask on. you can also test silent approach to see which ones you like better. I prefer voicing it out. I try not to do the silent method voice in the head as that trains to have mind chatter. lol. i like a quiet mind. haha.


Hiding in plain site.
Fooling those normies, I like it :smirk:


As everyone has been saying: you don’t need to scream or shout. In the beginning of communicating with demons, I didn’t want others in my home to know or hear me. Whispering works just fine. Thoughts alone work just fine. Any way that you feel comfortable with that works best for you will work just fine


If you wanna vibrate words out loud and can’t physically

Just visualise yourself doing so…

Works just fine for me frequently


Yeah I agree with the above quote. Know you’re being heard.


I do in my mind I guess, I’ve always had the belief that saying a spell louder allows you to say it with more intent and therefore the spell is more effective.

That is true, there are no woodlands near me that are void of people, where I live there are only open forests and fields, absolutely no secrecy outside in London.

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I had no idea people offered flowers to spirits, I’m gonna pinch that idea :shushing_face:

I just don’t want to appear half-arsed or one foot in, one foot out when doing rituals, I’m liking the rest of your ideas too, I’m gonna do this.

Thank you for your detailed and creative response, much appreciated.

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I guess because I find it hard to do anything astrally wilfully, my relationship with the astral is kind of forced, in that sleeping on my back triggers sleep paralysis, which then immediately triggers something in- between a lucid dream and astral travel and my awareness whilst asleep and in the other dimensions are not so great

I think now more than ever, I will have to look into creating an astral temple if I want to practice my magick more regularly.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I’ve heard King Clauneck likes his liquor :laughing:

Good idea

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Flowers are very common depending on where you live and who you ask. Locally picked is what I prefer as it’s more if a devotional act to make sure I go out and hand pick them into an aesthetically pleasing bouquet with local grasses, but decorating an altar flowers is common where I live, not just for the dead but in Catholic communities they go all out decorating with marigolds and other flowers to family saints.

I hope it all goes well for you! Good luck :sparkles:

Sons of Satan have a number of enns on YouTube. You can interact with some headphones. They say the enn and you shout it to the ends of the multiverse via your whispers.

Our path is meant to be concealed.


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Sons of satan is a decent channel if you don’t know an enn - easy to find

I’ve found it quite helpful lately when I’ve wanted to explore things

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