What do hell hounds mean

I have been seeing hell hounds for a while now and they are supposed to be a omen of death i think but that doesn’t match what im reading on here. Anyone know for sure?

They could be some kind of familiar…see if you can research which diety would possibly have that type of familiar and you could invoke the spirit and ask them if they are there for you

I cant really communicate with spirits even when i try i see them but i cant talk to them. Otherwise the only deity i could find was Hecate

When you invoke a spirit and you ask it a question sometimes you might get an answer from inside your own mind. If you do write it down. Find that spirit’s information and sigil and just chant their Enn and ask them. Like most of us, we have to work on our spiritual awareness which will allow us to see and hear spirits.

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ok, thank you i will try that

Good luck…I wish you to find the answers you need.

Thank you

They’re great for protection

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So if i see one its probably protecting me especially since its been 2 1/2 years that i’ve seen them on a regular basis

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Hellhounds are just a form of demonic animal. Feral or domesticated. I have two infernal hellhounds and one Helhound from Hela.


Ok that is very good to hear, did you summon yours or did they just appear if you don’t mind me asking?

Let’s not forget Hecate has hounds.


I didn’t i looked her up and i think i mentioned her earlier in here


Neither, many of them wander the etheric plane.


That is only one possibility but there could be other reasons as well

Not really, if you see one it could be minding its business. They aren’t automatically protectors, they’re just bought for such reasons or given for such reasons.

Could ask VK Jehannum, I’ve heard him talk about summoning them for protection. Try reaching him on his channel or patreon (he answers the latter with some regularity).

Sorry if i sound stupid but how do i message people on here i’ve tried but it doesnt work and i thinks its because im a new member idk tho