What do do with remenants (fetish items, relics if you will) from binding ritual

I’m undergoing my own improvision of a binding ritual- however I’m concerned over what to do with the items- yes I fear they will be discovered. I feel burying is not appropriate as what the act symbolizes. Commencing to the air via fire is in the maybe pile. Like I said yes I would have some explaining to do should someone stumble upon my- little treasured shoebox or whatever.

If a pyre is what you deem necessary, telling people that you are cremating a beloved pet would keep their noses out of your “shoebox of treasure.” :wink:

Normally I let intuition guide me-however in this case I’m just not sure. Any pyre would be done privately so no explanation needed if that’s the route taken. It’s just in this case I’m not totally sure. I may be overly thinking because it carries such importance to me

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You could do a divination to determine what the most appropriate method of disposal should be. Or ask any spirits you are working with.

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Letting a river carry it away is an option, if there’s nothing poisonous in it.

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That is a very good one and seems resonate with me. Thanks