What demon to invoke?

I’m still on my trying to invoke a person but I start by invoking a demon for work I need a safe demon with maybe a logical demon or tactical maybe knowledgeable, confident something like that and someone who is not going to backstab me or worse it’s already annoying to be backstabbed by a mortal instead of a immortal inhumanly powerful demon

There is no such thing as a “safe” demon.

Find one you that feel drawn to and ask them if they are willing to be invoked. Not all of them have an interest in being inside a human meat suit.


What is the worst thing demons can do and is there a way to fuck demon’s back after they fucked me over I’m calculating my options I currently using subliminals that’s plan A I’m still looking for a plan B

You’re not anywhere near the power level required to go toe to toe with a demon. You’d have to employ either an archangel or a god and pray they’re willing to get involved. According to Robert Bruce, a human can only hope to survive a battle with a true demon, never win. If you fuck over a demon, you’re pretty much fucked for eternity. They hold grudges and have been known to hold them well into any future incarnations of the one who pissed them off.

Destroy everything you were, are, and ever will be, as well as everyone and everything you have ever loved. Death would be the least of your worries, and no escape from their wrath.

Honestly, just be respectful, and confident in yourself, and you’ll be fine. If you go in with a blasting rod at the ready, it would be the equivalent of negotiating with a gun in your hand. Kind of hard not to take that as an explicit threat.

Edit to add: What is your goal? You said you want to invoke a demon for work, but what exactly does that mean? It’s hard to suggest any possible names without knowing what you’re wanting to do.


I’m not planning to screw over a demon but I would if it screws me over first a bit like an eye for an eye so if it screws me over first I’m pretty much fucked

With that attitude and mindset, you’re already setting yourself as an enemy to these entities. Not sure this would work out well for in the long run

I’d suggest you do some meditation first to find out why you even think a demon would screw you over -maybe this is part of your shadow taking over and you might want to take of it before even thinking about calling these energies into your life because by having these thoughts alone you might just end up attracting those unwanted outcomes to you; for what you focus your mind on, you give power to

You might unintentionally screw yourself over with this mentality

As a rule of thumb, “If you DO NOT want a certain outcome, DO NOT think about it, DO NOT dwell on it” - focus on what you want to see happen and not what you don’t want to see happening

Whoever you choose or are called to working with, remember to treat them with respect always and you will be just fine

Don’t focus on the negative such as a Demon screwing you over and most certainly do not bring the energy of “Screwing them back” with you for that will only work against you; in best case scenarios they don’t want to assist you and worst case scenarios you turn these beings into your enemy

If these thoughts persist (These entities screwing you over) it may be indicating that you are not ready to start working with these beings. This may very well be the case. Hope this helps and good luck :+1:

Don’t go and invoke an infernal spirit if you are not ready to open the doors releasing chaotic energy into your life. They are not your “friends”, but they’re certainly not enemies as well.

If you approach a demon like you should, meaning showing the proper respect and curiosity, the worst they do is disrupt certain things in your life that don’t serve your personal and spiritual growth when you ask for things like guidance, wisdom and growth. Approaching them with fear (and the need to bind or overpowering them that comes with it) usually means they will either play on your fear a little harder or will test you by messing with you in other ways.


I’ve read Jason Miller (of consorting with spirits, for example) invoked/summoned a certain famous entity, if I recall correctly it was Asmodai, but it could have been another one and he felt a very thick sense of fear after evoking the demon, like a fist was about to connect with his face, he thought the demon had ‘beef’ with him and for years he never summoned him again, he stated he used a heavily binding ritual where as he put it afterwards he “invited the guest to dinner and put him in chains” all the while threatening him with repercussions, as the way the old christian rituals are set up.

When after many years he tried to evoke the spirit again he used a different method and the spirit was much friendlier to him, busineslike if I recall correctly, but a lot friendlier. I guess it helps if you don’t put your guest in chains and hurl treats at them after you invited him.


I like to be more confident, self assured and I like to feel in control of my life but are there only angels and demons black and white or are there also gray entities to invoke?

Angels and demons are not black and white. Angels can destroy and demons can heal. Remember, when God wanted a city razed to the ground, or the first born of Egypt killed, he sent angels to do the dirty work, not demons.

Spirits are like people, they all are a mix of different traits. Take a look through some books, read some myths, and find entities that appeal to you. There are more than just angels and demons in this wild little multiverse we call home. There are the Lwa, the Fae, the Norse gods, the Egyptian gods, the African gods, the Native American gods, there are skinwalkers, and goblins, ghosts and poltergeists, vampires and shades of the dead. There are elementals. This world is teeming with all sorts of spirits; they’re all around you if you just paid attention.


Hm interesting does that mean thar Aries is a entity too? Tommy knockers werewolf’s because you said vampire’s oh god damn I hope werewolf’s are frickin real

Yes. He’s a god in the Greek pantheon.

No, they are not “real” in the sense that they have an objective reality. Vampires, that is, the fictional walking corpses that feast on blood, are not real either, but there are some humans and discarnate entities who choose to feed on the biological energy of living things and so fit the technical definition of vampires.

To paraphrase Q, from Star Trek: “you are about to move into areas of the galaxy containing wonders you cannot imagine…and terrors to freeze your soul.”