What demon is good for protection and remove unwanted entities

What demon is good for protection and remove unwanted entities.

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The Archangel Michael is a protector par excellence.

Ismaelta, Demon Guardian, from Kingdoms of Flame could also be useful. “The demon will find and destroy any force, person or sorcerer that would keep the Evocator from his work.” KoF pg, 124


What is KoF
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KoF stands for EA’s book Kingdoms of Flame.

Kru’vest from the Book of Azazel is also a demon of protection.

Edit to add: Most demons will protect those they have a strong working relationship with. Azazel, Lucifer, Belial, and King Paimon have been known to do this.


Try calling on Thor or maybe the demon Vine. Both are excellent protectors!

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@DarkestKnight - I use Lucifer and what ever demon I just evoked - I use the light and love of Lucifer to to remove any and all entities that are on my property to leave. I burn a white candle and invisions Lucifers light and love blasting through my self and my property. I feel it is working for me. I also ask that the Demon I just worked with assist in removal of any entity lingering.

@Neversay1 i believe you have to ask your guests to leave- and take their entities with them. Unless you want your life to be some entity frat house. That was the feeling I got a long time ago-

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Maha Kali also- she fought an army of demons whose gods could defeat.

Orobas is pretty great, he is an “easy” demon to do an invocation and he will be loyal and protective of you. Just make sure to treat him with respect, he will be very patient and caring if you do.

here is some information: http://littledoomwitch.tumblr.com/post/62124901523/demon-a-day-orobas-orobas-prince-color

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