What demon has the real power

I was looking over something and I noticed something a few days ago . Clauneck has power over money and so does OLIVIER and OEILLET and LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE . This kind of thing happens a lot and another example are the many demons with power over women and those with power over the powerful and influential people of this society . Which one of them has the REAL power over these kinds of things .

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All of them!

It’s like asking which person on here is most powerful, first off everyone will think it’s them or going to be them, really everyone has different areas and situations they excel in, and not so much others.

If there was just one spirit you could do a simple thing and they always deliver, everyone would work with them, no-one would work with any of the others, and the world financial system would crash.


the most powerful demon is the one you built a rapport with. really, just go with who your drawn to , could be one of the demons you listed, could be a deity from some system. find the spirit you’re drawn to work with for this goal and go from there :slight_smile:


Yes, you are more likely to get stuff done with a demon you have a synchronicity with.One that is easy for you to open up your life to let them work. Think about common goals and what you both can get out of it.


The answer differs on an individual basis.

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