What Demon/Fallen Angel Is Assigned To Each Day Of The Week?

Hello Everyone!
What Demons/Fallen Angels Are Assigned To Each Day Of The Week?

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Have you tried using Google? I’m pretty sure you can find the answer with a little bit of effort.


Yes I Tried! I Tried for A Good Hour And 1 Half! That’s Why I’m Asking You!

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Tuesday - Satan
Wednesday - Beelzebub
Thursday - Leviathan
Friday - Asmodeus
Saturday -Mammon


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Thursday is also considered to be “Thor’s Day.”

Not a demon or fallen angel though, why would those have assignments to days of the week? Who has written that list?

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Yes I know the Pagan Gods that rule the days of the week.
I didn’t mean Assign I meant what Demons Rule over the days of the week

It’s not really the pagan gods, it’s the planetary sphere and the spirits that fall under it.

I’ve never seen a correspondence with fall angels. Archangels yes, but not demons.

Perhaps look at which demons are associated with the specific planet of each day and then go from there. Their rankings correspond with which planetary sphere they vibe with the most.


Thank You