What deity or tips can address anger problems?

Hey guys. What should I work on and which deity should I work with to reduce anger and concern. With all the chaos and racism going around the world, and having to also be the victim of it days before and as a child, I have been carrying this rage throughout my whole life until now and I look forward to another moment where I encounter another racist to so then I am prepared to unleash my rage and violence as I have failed to do last time and throughout the years, believing that it may be the route to my peace if I can unleash this anger on someone who deserves it for once.

I feel bad for all the victims that are getting hurt out there and this triggers my rage even more, that I feel responsible and need to do something about it.

I don’t know what would be a better mindset to replace this one, or what would be a better solution.


I would work with a spirit of Mars to learn to harness the power of your anger.

While peace of mind and calm are commendable, in my opinion, what you really need to do is learn emotional control. Anger and rage can be powerful in baneful magick, as well as motivation to act when properly harnessed. What you don’t want to do is let it fester and eat you up inside.

Possible spirits to work with:

Demons: Belial, Azazel, Kaltemtal

Angels: Samael, Kamael, Tzaphkiel

Planetary Spirits of Mars: Phaleg, Graphiel,


I would ask the spirits of Voodoo cause they hate racists. Papa Legba the Sun and Papa Kalfu the Moon. Try to use divination or do a ritual and ask for guidance and a sign if they are ok to work with you


I agree with these. I’ll also add on Lilith and Namaah. I could say Asmodeus but I also feel that he may just augment the anger. Bael.

Norse Gods would be Odhinn, Thòr, maybe Tyr or Skadi.

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Most definitely dive into Asmodeus.

Demon of rage, wrath, anger in ancient Persia he is known as Aeshma which Is literally the Zoroastrian name of wrath. He is the embodiment of it, the fullness and intenseness of it.

I’ve suffered with IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder) basically a walking time bomb, yet while working with him. He told me don’t suppress this anger and see it as a condition but dive deep into it, allow it to drown you. Eventually swim to the top and conquer that dangerous emotional current, I’ve got a meditation of wrath on my YouTube Channel “The Infernal Obelisk” on the first video on baneful magick, wherein it fills you with the powers of rage.

Maybe fully embrace the rage and don’t see it as a problem, instead that negative destructive darker emotional force and use as fuel. Channel it into baneful magick, exercise, cleaning, art or energy work, spells (that are aligned with rage energies) etc.

My contribution to the Asmodeus compendium also contained huge coverage over what I call “Rage Magick” so maybe look into that. Embrace it, don’t suppress it, but don’t let it take control of you, YOU must wield its power, not it wielding you.


I’m guessing deities from the Far East.

Why them?

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Was also going to suggest Phaleg. Perhaps he can help you in some way.

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First of all, identify the triggers and keep away from them as much as possible. Once the fuse is engaged there is no way to avoid the explosion.
The opposite of anger is not peace or even love, it is indifference.
Work with those entities who may make you emotionally indifferent.
Use your intellect and will power instead of getting emotionally disturbed. Good luck!


Most of the peace-related deities I’ve heard of are associated with this particular region. Buddha, Hachiman, Guanyin, The Jade Emperor. The list goes on, but you get the point. Besides, the Far East has a history of promoting peace of mind and wisdom, especially China.