What counts as a night?

Hello everyone, just a short question that I’m adding to my learnings and want to be sure.

Some rituals or evocations May take 2-6 hours in a single ritual, and for example that rite should be performed at “Friday night” .

Then how do you count the night? So as you start it Thursday 22:00 then the most of the ritual is done around 0:01 AM to 3-4:00AM Friday night.

Or Friday night count as the night starting at Friday so from Friday 22:00 to Saturday 5:00 AM?

Also, how does these “this spell needs to be done at night” matches with the general rule/idea that the most effective way of a spell is when your target sleeps.

Astrologically speaking, a full day is considered from sunrise to sunrise. That’s why planetary hours are split up into day and night hours.

So, if you started a ritual at 10 PM on a Friday, and it went until 3 AM, it’s still technically Friday. It won’t be Saturday, until the sun comes up.

That “rule” is based on the idea that someone’s subconscious is more vulnerable when they sleep. However, I haven’t found that to be the case most of the time.


Depends on your definition of night. For some that is sundown,for some moon rise. For some it is when the day shifts into the lunar hours of the day within astrological calculations. Just depends on what tradition or system you are operating from.

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Oh thanks that’s an awesome perspective

Just for the record, a Jewish (and therefore canonical Christian) day starts at sundown, not sunrise. So, Friday night, in this case would start Thursday at sundown and end Friday morning.

May be something to keep in mind, depending on what entities you’re working with.

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I’m more than unsure about this, sounds so weird, but has the logic, so might keep this in mind

Well… the way I learned it in Sunday School, it’s because in Genesis, darkness precedes the light. The universe in its primal state was “formless and void”, Elohim says, “Let there be light”, there was light, and the author points out “and there was evening and morning, the first day.”

This is why, for instance, Catholics can fulfill their Sunday obligation by attending Mass on Saturday night. It also ties into the tradition of midnight vigils before major feast days.

Personally, I also see something very important in the idea that the darkness precedes the light in creation and that the night was more important than the day to at least some of the ancient Canaanites. I’ll leave delving that vein as an exercise for the reader, however. I will recommend looking up the collection of entities/aspects of a being known as The Queen of The Night in that region in ancient times.