What could this be?

The last few times I’ve been attempting to evoke Raziel something else came through. It was this energy that surrounded me has been trying to enter me through my head. Now for the last couple of nights it’s been visiting me when I lay down. I’ve been trying to dismiss it but nothing happens when I do so. It’s like it has attached itself to me.

When it visited me last night it presented it’s self as a swirl of energy less than an inch from my eyes. Then it moved down to my groin area. After that I felt it swirling around my hands and it stay their for quite a while. Then it started going in and out of my body and around it too.

Whatever it is, it’s still with me now even I’ve asked it to leave multiple times because I never intentionally asked it to come to me. I’m like what is it? What could it be?

You are like a source of energy for him !? Look don’t try to open gates that you don’t know how to close. First thing is first in practicing magik, is to realize what you are doing in the first place. Toying whit energies is not a good idea if you don’t know how to use them. - This is just a friendly tip. :no_mouth: Be careful what you are doing there.


Evoke Raziel and compare the energies. Use his sigil. If the vibrations are different then ask Raziel to kindly leave. After he is gone do a banishing ritual


Thank you very much Serpent! That’s exactly what I will di

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I’ve tried doing a banishing ritual and it’s not working. Is there someone I could hire to do it for me?