What could be the use of bird bones in magick?

Every animal has different energy and frequency to it and it also possesses certain spiritual characteristics, but I wish to know what could be the use of bones, especially bird bones and skulls in magick in ways the most respectful to the deceased animal.

Call the spirit of the bird and ask if it wants to be a guardian or familiar for your temple. If the bones are fresh, meaning the bird has only just died, it might still be attached to them.

The bones can also be used in a gris gris bag.


What @DarkestKnight said above and bird bones, like chicken bones, are used for divination also.


many, from curses to oracles

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My bone oracle has many chicken, sparrow, horse and human bones, but the majority of chicken bones are because they are the most accurate. I use sparrow bones to represent the air element in my rituals, the chicken for earth.

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In this oracle there is a way to work with some materials of animal and organic origin, such as feathers, bones, etc…

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Thank You so much :heart: I definetily will

Very interesting, I’ll look this out, thank You :sparkling_heart: