What Comes To Mind When You See The Word "Karshanti"? [I Think It's Sanskrit] (Related To A Lucid Dream)

This is my first post and it is both a question and my introduction

I am a complete novice when it comes to any kind of occult knowledge, but I have always been drawn to it because of the weird experiences I’ve had due to lucid dreaming.

This might just be my crazy mind messing with me (as usual). As you read about the kind of dreams I’ve had you’ll understand why I say this.

In a lucid dream I had a while ago I was part of what seemed to be a spiritualist gathering. I walked into a room and there was a man standing next to a table (with a book on it), I walked up to him and I was told to look into the book in front of me and I was told that it was important. The man spoke the word “karshanti” and when I looked in the book it was written there too, I was told to remember the word, then I was woken up.

Now you might be wondering at this point why would I even take this seriously, because I’m sure everyone has atleast had one dream like this before.

Well here’s why:
Since I was a child I’d have these lucid dreams and there was always this weird mind/body sync thing that would happen, this phenomenon seemed to fuel my belief that these dreams were “really happening”.

Lets say I’m being chased by a monster or something, if I get hit in the dream I would get jolted out of the dream and wake up with a slight pain where I was hit. This became so common that I developed a “trick” whilst dreaming to forcefully wake myself up whenever I become aware I’m dreaming.

A lot of my dreams are lucid dreams, in fact pretty much all of them are, I don’t even do it on purpose, but I don’t dream every night (or maybe I do and I just don’t remember most of them).

As a child I wanted it to stop, but as you get older, you become less superstitious and you start having less nightmares and more dreams, so it became something fun later on.

I think its more like I would feel that pain and my brain would then purposefully sync up me getting hit in the dream.

At least that’s how I rationalize it, because the alternative theory seems crazy to me. The idea that all of those things actually happened.

These kinds of dreams never stopped even in adulthood, but this recent one was more interesting than usual. My dreams are usually very realistic and detailed, the reason why I say my mind is messing with me is because a lot of “trippy” stuff has happened.

0. Physical Sensation
The whole pain sync thing I talked about earlier, doesn’t happen all the time, rarely happens these days at all, but it happened a good few times when I was younger.

Its not just pain though, its like my “senses” itself get tricked. I once was having a nightmare where scarab beetles were crawling all over my body and I woke up in a panic trying to swat them off of me because I could feel them crawling all over me. I looked around and in my sheets for insects, like roaches or something, there was nothing there, it was all in my head.

I’ve died in a lot of dreams too, good thing it never killed actually killed me lol, but that possibility did worry me, which is why I started doing a “jolt” thing to wake up from lucid dreams when things get too close (In the dream I would close my eyes down hard and fast and focus on the intent of waking up).

1. "Inception Dream"
I once had an “Inception” type of dream years before the movie “Inception” even came out. That’s why when the trailer first came out I was excited for the movie, it immediately interested me.

I was hoping it would be more esoteric and give specifics on some kind of occult knowledge but it just ended up being a science type movie, that kind of disappointed me.

To describe the dream:
I was startled out of a dream once and woke up on my bed in my room (it looked exactly like my room, it all felt real). When I got up and walked around I started to realize I was still dreaming (usually when that startle/jolt happens and everything goes black I wake up).

In that particular dream this happened multiple times, I even randomly ended up in a room with a white corridor, something happened and I got jolted again and woke up on my bed and even then I was still dreaming, I think it happened like 3 or 4 times

It left me paranoid for a few minutes when I had actually woken up this time on my bed lol

This kind of dream only happened once, and this was when I realized my mind was really f**king with me lol

2. "Rerun Dream"
I have “returned” to certain dreams randomly, and once there were even repeat characters there that welcomed me back, speaking as if I had been there before

3. "Astral Projection?"
Once I dreamed that I woke up from my bed but my body was still on my bed and I was looking down at it, and I flew up through my roof and looked around at the surroundings, now I’m pretty sure it was just a dream because some of the details were off, your mind can only show you what you know so it just has to throw stuff together. But still that one felt so real, I felt weightless.

I’ve had only two dreams like this that I can remember

Now back to the dream in question (karshanti):
I was able to actually look at the page of a book and read from it, of course I forgot it all a while after I woke up (like in most dreams), but I made sure not to forget that word (as I was told remember it)

Maybe its just a gibberish word my mind strung together, I don’t know, I figure a place like this might be a good place to ask.

I did some searching and it seems to be an actual word in sankrit.

Other than that I am not sure what to make of it.

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Welcome @PestiferMundi Please tell us about yourself. This post is all about your dreams but not much in the way of an introduction.

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in magick or spirituality outside of lucid dreaming?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

What are your areas of interest?

Where are you from?
America, I don’t really want to get more specific than that just yet. I’ve never been to a forum where details like this were demanded lol. Seems a bit pushy.

Do you have any experience in magick or spirituality outside of lucid dreaming?
No, like I said:
“I am a complete novice when it comes to any kind of occult knowledge”

What are your areas of interest?
I don’t really have an interest yet because I don’t know what actually works (I definitely don’t want to do any “summoning” though).

Would it really make sense studying something specific just because it interests me, when I’m not even sure its “real”?

If I’m being honest, what I’m interested in and looking for is “REAL” magic

I find that every group or forum I pass through it just seems like most people are “larping” and the occult is just a “hobby” to them rather than something they’ve actually used for a “real world application”

They speak about magic in terms of “I did X ritual” and not in terms of “I’ve enacted X result that affected physical reality in an observable way”

Magic is something they practice in theory, but they’ve never done anything that has affected reality around them in an indisputable way, so that it couldn’t be attributed to coincidence

For example, moving a physical object with your mind and throwing it across the room

If I can’t do something that affects the physical world around me with intent, I don’t see the point of it as there’s no real way for me to verify that it’s happened

Outside of that, if I were to get specific:
What I want to learn is how to “open my 3rd eye” as I believe it is the first step/awakening I require to even be able to tap into the power that I desire

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This forum is not filled with armchair wizards, but real magicians with real successes.

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That’s fine. Just having a rough idea of where you’re from helps in case of a language barrier. We have members from all around the world, and sometimes people are also interested in meeting other magicians offline. We have a dedicated Spanish speakers group, for example.

Most people have areas of interest that initially drew them to the occult. Evoking spirits to physical appearance is a popular one, for example.

Magick, real magick, is not like the movies. It takes a lot of energy and effort to move material objects non-physically, though such phenomena are possible if one has the discipline to cultivate them. Most people don’t.

Thank you for elucidating more, and welcome to the BALG forum.

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Kashanti roughly corresponds to the name Elizabeth in Sanskrit.


Thank you

I already like it here. The last place I went to and “had the gall” to ask for “real magic” made me the target of outrage and vitriol.

The responses were not straightforward as both of you gave, it was like they took great offense and many outright spoke as if they had redefined magic to only be related to “influencing the minds of others”.

Most of them even claimed that any form of “observable magic” like telekinesis is impossible.

As for the last thing I said:
What is a proven method for opening my 3rd eye?


  1. If I wanted to begin learning sanskrit where should I start?

  2. What do you know about Saivism/Shaivism and how would I get started?

I used a combination of the AH meditation and EA Koetting’s Blue Flame meditation.

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Nothing is impossible, just really difficult. One of the first principle of Hermeticism is “All is mind. The universe is mental.” Basically, the universe reacts to our mind, because they are both the same.

But you also have to overcome the collective unconscious. these kinds of flashier abilities just because it’s possible does not mean that it’s easy. You need to have a strong enough mind to overcome the collective mind, because if all is mind, everyone’s mind affects the universe.

Your just as well trying to learn how to walk on water, because that would take about the same amount of work. To do these things that defy reality as we know it to be.

I don’t know, the third eye isn’t a part of Slavic folklore, so I don’t really pay it any mind.

These are some good resources to learn Sanskrit online.

Shaivism is one of the four major denominations of Hinduism. The only that I know about it is what I’ve read on Wikipedia, but I’m sure there are plenty of online resources for learning about Shaivism.

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