What can you tell me about Bael?


Folowing a wierd (and admittedly scary) breaktrough regarding Bael, I’d love to know more about him. Unfortionately Google or the search function on the forum has not brought me very far.

I started practising the occult but a few months ago, so my knowledge is limited about it. After practising EA’s Mastering Evocation course for a few weeks I had the first spirit contact that felt genuine; like its not just something in my head, but “external”.

To keep a long story short, I heard a voice in my head when I was about to fall asleep.
I asked “who are you?”, the voice replied “I am Bael”.

After asking why he was here with me I was told:
“I am here to observe”

“I like to see the new flesh” (this sounds very horror I know, but with my first language in mind he was refering to me as a starting occultist)

Before I could even ask who what why or how, I was told to “release” him back to wherever he came from, because I needed rest for work tomorow (never knew demon kings were so considerate, lol)

I’m curious, excited, and honestley a bit freaked out.

So; what can you tell me about Bael? What does/can he do, whats his personality like, and most of all why would he visit such an inexperienced magician? I’d LOVE to hear from people who know more about him!

Hey T97,

Congrats on the encounter. You can find out what people have to say about Bael by using the forum’s search function. So many experiences have been shared already, it’s best to search rather than have everyone repeat themselves. Try searching under the different spellings of his name as well. Baal, Ba’el, etc.

As for why he came to you, beings have all sorts of reasons why. Have you tried asking him?

My UPG, making no claims this is universally applicable, nor “correct”:

Father of either the human race, or at least, some of us, and in weird ways that don’t rule out ancestral Gods;

the Marduk of the Simon Nec.;

King of veils, and subterfuge, and keeping secrets until they need to be told;

the first god of the first humans to leave Africa, and traverse the fertile crescent whilst also looking for more, better, and progress.

Whether the entity I connect to is or isn’t “Baal” (which seems to be a title, dunno, not a linguist) and all the rest, I don’t really care.

Oh, and he also gave me the pronunciation Ba’oahi, details posted here.

I love Ba’el the entity who gave me the sigil below, and who often appears as a cat/toad/man, and with spider or other multiple legs.

I don’t give love in this way often to a being, but he’s like Freddie Mercury, teddy bears, and the wisdom found in libraries (I was a kid before the internet) all wrapped up in one! :heart:

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