What can you see or feel on my sigil?

Good day! Anyone who has the ability to see or what you feel about my sigil it would be great if you can give me full details about what you see on my sigil thanks!:fire:

I feel a bit of love energy on the left side, and I feel a central theme of infernal energy. Maybe lesser infernal? that or upper moon status demonic energy. It’s powerful, I’ll give you that. Are you possibly a vessel for a specific entity? I can think of a few entities and energies that are very similar. The big one is one that was featured in a show, Kokushibo.

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Thanks for the info. But i dont know what kokushibo do you mean though? May i know whats that?

i saw winter. a snowman, breeze, house, lightning, a slippery icy ground

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To me, it looks like a lot of harsh weather.

Lightning at the bottom (it does kinda look like icy ground too though I guess), top left is sheets of rain, strong wind blowing from the top right.

In the center, it kind of looks like a figure reaching a hand out in front of the wind to halt it (or maybe command it).

The same figure looks like it’s reaching towards the S (the S gives me a serpentine vibe kinda) which seems to have the sun and the moon above and below with the implication of cyclical movement (or maybe it looks like the figure is reaching into something like a portal or vortex?).

Overall it gives me a sense of elemental storms from the way it looks to me. At least that’s how it appears.

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Thankyou for the comments guys… if theres something you need to add just please comment here below.

The sigil is nice, pretty evil, a dark masculine energy is behind it. Cool!


Thanks bro! Anything to add? What else that you can see?

It feels more like a demonic channel

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Thanks!! Do you have something to add?

Well it reminded me some archaic entity beyond most humans can conceptualize, slightly reminds of the orcs from the Hobbit series

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I see the energy of duality / Ying Yang energy. I see the power of the snake and the power of fire but also the power of the wind. For me it looks energetically very destructive, like a curse that brings a violent storm into the life of a person or that brings complete destruction and annihilation into the life of an enemy.

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Something about it feels chaotic

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I see darkness, a hunger, and feel a presence when looking at it like a void the pull of primal chaos similar to when I’ve worked with Set the feeling of the abyss of chaos

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Thankyou for the information.:heart:

Thankyou for the information♥️

Do you see an entity on it?

Can’t name an entity as it isn’t one I know of, then again the feels like a chaos abyss entity so I’ll let you know be careful with that I know from experience

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