What can Seere help with?

I see often people talking about she/he finding things and how fast he acts
but i’d like to know what else he does bc it seems to have more but i don’t find any concrete things


Have a copy of Goetia?

i read the information about him firstly in the goetia !

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Awesome … I’ve got a modernized copy of “Black seals of Solomon” based on the 72 Goetia spirits and another source work that’s been brought up to date with excellent spiritual exercises to be done over a 6 month time frame for incredible strides of accomplishment in spiritual growth and self realization… if you or any other want this information send me a PM.
All the best.
Yours In Godlike Power and Boldness


thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Prince Seere can also be petitioned to help speed a spell along


does it affect the quality of the magick?

Not in any negative way no