What can I do? I have a vindictive narcissistic abusive manipulative Ex Husband

I have a Vindictive Narcissists Manipulative abusive ex husband whom I share legal custody of my kids with… He has physical of my Son only because he pulled some bs move and lied! But I have Physical of my two older girls… He’s always trying to guilt trip my daughters and making them feel bad when they don’t want to see him or we already have plans. There is No set visitation due to the fact he use to live 4-5 hours away up until last December or beginning of the year. He still thinks he runs everything and causes problems and scares my girls telling them he’s going to slap them and break their phones. Even cussed me out and says I’m the one not cooperating yet that’s all I’ve tried to do but he’s the one who doesn’t want to and always mistreats everyone and all. What is the best way to rid him of my life! He is a huge pain always threatening to take me to court and take the girls when they try to tell him how they feel he puts them down. I’m at the point where I just can’t just sit back anymore… and the law keeps letting him slide… I need to protect my daughters from this monster! They already have problems and have to go to therapy!!! Can I get any advice or any solutions… he’s already destroyed and has my son completely brainwashed washed!


A good lawyer should be able to help. You only need to collect evidence to prove what you know. Then let him take you to court!

If this is not possible, curse him. Ruin his life. That should keep him busy with himself at least until you find away out legally.

Another option is to curse to kill. Not recommended but still an option if everything else fails.


I would love to see how you beat this.
When i was younger I rejected magick out of fear of being cought et c… so when I was going through what you are now I had nothing and lost in courts many times.
Sorry that I have nothing to contribute here but am really interested in seeing how you succeed in this.


Kill the motherfucker


I am in a very similar situation as you with an ex-wife. The best option is a two pronged approach. First off, gather your physical evidence, texts, emails, pictures, etc. Once you do that, don’t be afraid of a court room. I know how awful it is, but bide your time and plan carefully.

Secondly, this is where the magic comes in. I would suggest an evocation and a pact for this, so the spirit you work with can tip the scales in court and influence your ex to trip up and make obvious errors you can use against them.

That’s all I can give without going into details of my own situation, which I am not willing to do. Remember, be patient, bide your time. This is not a quick process, but it’s an effective one.


Belial could put a halt to his side of the case without an issue.

Beyond that there is a brown haired mother energy I’m feeling.


Doesn’t everyone with it could be that easy lol


It is if you know where they live :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that?

Start to document everything he says and does and have your daughters to the same. If they can tape him threatening them even better. It’s a very tough spot to be in and I’m going through something similar. Don’t stoop to their level though, will only make it worse.

I’m sure you are a great mother and person, don’t let some ass drag you down

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Mundane wise, get a social worker. Go to an agency that helps with abuse, stalking, that sort of thing. If it’s bad enough, go to court and get a restraining order.

Magick wise, curse the son of a bitch. Piss on a picture of him. Invoke Andras or another particularly nasty demon. Make him wish he never fucked with you.


Be your own private investigator and destroy him with all evidence you can find.It will take your time and your patience,but thats a clear winnable case.

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thank the lady

also you can try using 72 angels and demons by henry archer. :thinking::thinking: you will find a lot of interesting ways to teach your ex husband a lesson if you dont have time because of your kids. No one deserves to be treated like how you were treated i hope your ex husband learns to respect you. :smirk:



I’ve never Invoked anything really before any suggestions or how to do it?

Thank you very much!

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No problem. :grinning:

@Truth_88 haha tes good one. I have 3 on the go. One is adapted to add pain and suffering and most importantly silence by adding stagnant pond water quite smelly.
In my experience these can be adapted to freeze an attitude or detrimental habits.

If you’re a newbie to summoning demons, there are lots of threads on here for that. But I’ve been doing it for a while and I will just write a brief note with the demon’s symbol and ask them for what I want, then leave an offering.

The curse, I would put the guy’s name and/or picture in a bowl and layer on the nasty ingredients. Asafoetida powder (it smells awful so if you include it in your bowl, leave it outside), chili powder, vinegar, spit. If you have some stones handy, amethyst used in a curse causes paranoia, and blue lace agate causes people to confess to wrongdoing.

Wish you luck, Hail Satan