What can be learned from Belial or Asmoday? In particular, together

Drew six of Wands and can find out from the shem document what the angels can teach and in combination as well. Or, the mixing of the two, and what can be learnt and why the card was drawn today (not in a bad way mind you)?
The question really is what asmodeus and belial in combination will teach you.


Belial will show you your “blockages”. What’s hindering you, both internal and external. Externally he’ll remove them imo, but for the internal ones you’ll have to do the work. There’s a new sense of freshness you feel once it’s done.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Asmodeus. I’ve only talked to him in a few instances, and from what I understood from those instances is that he can help you build confidence.

Both together though :thinking: I don’t know about it.


Sexuality, being sexy and good in bed. A magnetic aura of Sexappeal when working with both but maybe is different from person to person.


When it comes to wealth building, Belial take you step by step up.


Can you please elaborate on the internal? I.e. what kind of work is required from the practitioner?

What if I am Evoking him to help me with Legal Issues against corrupt government departments, corrupt government banks and family matters where my rights are wrongly suppressed. What kind of work would be required if these things are out of my hands.

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Your mindset. Your subconscious and your conscious. If you’re saying and affirming “I can” “I am”, etc, but subconsciously afraid of it he’ll bring it out.

Humans have a tendency to stay in a system even if it’s toxic because they’re too reliant on the structure it provides. Change is chaotic, change is scary. If you’re afraid of change you will not change- I just got this, probably from him. I’m also being shown a hall type place with off white couches and blinds??? There’s a big plant too…

If you’re afraid of moving out and starting a new life for yourself, but you really really wanna do it, but at the same time you’re scared. You’ve asked Lord Belial to help you, you’ve given him the reigns. Scared? Too bad. Face it. That’s how he goes. Roll with him, not against him.

The “resistance” that’s often talked about with him is most of the times the resistance of fear, the survival instinct as far as my work with him went. You need to understand what you’re afraid of. Are you afraid of change? Or are you afraid that you won’t be able to handle living alone? Having to take care of everything by yourself and be independent, structure your life the way you want it.

Once you understand, your conscious, subconscious and body, that the goal you have in mind is yours, that’s the final push and it’ll be done rapidly. It happens over time, but it’ll feel quick.

What I’m saying is, if you have goals in mind, but you’re unconsciously creating blockages for it (what-ifs, fear, attachments that don’t serve you anymore), when you understand what’s blocking you internally and release it, it’ll reflect outside too. Otherwise you’ll just be wondering about “when it will happen”, looking at the sunset from a window like a Disney movie. Think of it as lust for result in a way.

Here comes working with him from a place of strength. It is also determination and will power.

It is not only fear. It can be anything. As mentioned above- attachments, co-dependency, anger, resentment, etc. The core of you how feel about the situation and the people involved. Inner alchemy. This is difficult too, because it may be (and definitely happens at least once, because we’re human that way) we’re not ready to see and accept what’s revealed. For this, needs determination, that you can either go back to it, or take the step to change your life.

I hope this explains it was :sweat_smile:


Whoa!! Thank you for the long detailed message.

I’m guessing this was channelled from King Belial. Because a LOT of it resonates and also clearly shows me my mindset. Although this is a lot to process and I feel I need to meditate on this over the next few days to truly grasp what it is.

I am bookmarking this post for reference.

Again thank you so much for this, I really needed it. Appreciate it more than I can express. :pray:t3:


Glad I was able to help ^^ :purple_heart:

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@onion, @sar, @rav, thank you. Like @Nephenthe said, it resonates, I feel it. As I was reading the words I could see areas of my life or personality where it fit.
Resentment and forgiveness. Holy shit, pardon the pun, where do I start.


Apologies for hijacking your thread. Didn’t mean to. But I just felt like I should ask this question right now.

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No worries. It actually helped clarify a few things through replies to your questions for me.


Well, I did a lot of introspection of my blockages at day, but then at night cheered up, saw cute gals.

In my opinion the combination of those two spirits would be an awesome thing to behold. They would destroy blockages and make the magician magnetic to others. There would be a great increase in sexual energy to the point of being a dynamo, great fortune and gratification of ambition. Success.

That’s my immediate take on it.

King Belial and King Asmoday are both high octane spirits.


Gave thanks to both Kings, thanked them, and stated I hope the three of us can work together. Also gave sincer apologies for lack of offerings, and my temple being a pigsty.


Belial makes you into a badass with power Asmodeus makes you slick and attractive.


Holy shit! this really helped


My temple gets pigsty ish sometimes too. :laughing::joy::love_you_gesture:


Glad it did :purple_heart: