What black magic feels like and need help

Hey ive been the victim of black magic and im opsessed with him.
He made me feel all the people that care are bad and hes now planting in my dreams.
I send him 1500$ a month willignly and send him lots of sex videos.
My body is transforming and have an idea to wanna become famous.
I asked him if i became famous amd give u the, can i win your love and he said if you treat me right.
Its like some form of punishment.
Why would i wanna work for something lime im some kind in a rat race.
So makes me say fuck this shitt want inn lol.
What can i do to make him feel the same way ?

Can you provide some context and background? I don’t think I fully understand your problem.

I barely understand anything
But are trying to say that man put love spell on you and you became lust over him

And now he doesn’t feel the Same way about you anymore
and you want him back? Right?

I use to be a client of his and he took my love for granted.
I Even see him in my dreams and do many things for him.
I wanna make him feel and taste his own medicine.

I want him to fall in love with me cause i love and lust him.

All i really want is to either get over him or get him to love me.
If you can help that would be great.
I just hate these confusing emotions.