What are your thoughts on this?

Well for some time now I have been suffering from what seems like stroke like symptoms and partial seizures. I have been to many doctors over the last year and have had many tests done regarding this and all they can come up with is that I’m having anxiety attacks when these symptoms occur. I have tried medication for this and the meds either don’t work or make the symptoms of this far worse.

I’m going to fix this problem by spiritual means and I want to hear your opinion on my method before I go about this. I’m going to go about this by evoking Marbas into a Gris Gris bag made for Healing and Protection. Evoking him with the intent of healing me and placing the gris gris into the evocation triangle is pretty sound right?

Marbas can be highly beneficial to work with. I’ve never worked with him for healing, but his other positive attribute with mechanical knowledge has been helpful to me.