What are your personal tools of transformation?

So I’m still comparatively new to the occult, about 2-3 years, and I was curious on the subject of alchemy.

Dude I’m still re-reading the 7 steps of alchemy and its a long as book with lots of symbology and jargon.

So what tools would you use for your personal transformation?
Soul travel? Sex magick? Breath work?
I understand all is energy so would a standard ritual even be needed

Thank you for your help friends

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Tarot - Book of Tokens, Builders of the Adytum, Tarot Fundamentals

You may do either spiritual alchemy (I guess it would be the same as hermeticism) which is a mix of meditation and “life rules”, or an alchemy where you use rocks, stove etc. and such operations change you at a spiritual level.
Both forms may be followed on a “wet” or “dry” path.

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So when you mention rocks and stoves, do you literally mean boil some chocolate down with intent and will?
I guess you could use both the symbology of the process and literally.
I have grown lot in patience, I just personally would like my growth to be faster
Thank ya

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So do you use divination as a trauma identification tool or as a guide?
I like the tarot

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Yes, the alchemist should get the first matter which is a rock varying, depending on the path. Then the operations begin. The dry path is faster (but also more risky) both with this type of alchemy and in Hermeticism.

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Both actually

Golden Dawn audio tapes … Regardie has a breath work tape.

Just gave me some homework I’ll look into this


A bit of more specific info: concerning alchemy, the work start in Spring. On the dry path stibnite is acquired then, with mortar and pestle, reduced into a fine powder; otherwise, in the wet path’s case, the stone is galena. Then of course there are further steps.
The hermeticist instead operates by choosing between purification or will, in the latter case going through the same three parts of the alchemical way: black, white and red.

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