What are your opinions on incarnated angels?

People who essentially have the soul of an angel rather than a human and reincarnate repeatedly to do a job of making the world better in some way before their human form passes and they reincarnate to a new one to start over again.

What is your opinion on this? I guess Earth Angel is another way of saying it.

I dont have much more to add to the opening post. I’m just very curious to know all of your thoughts on this, having worked with spirits more than myself. Thank you for any responses.

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I don’t buy into that line of thinking myself. Possession I could see, but I think people who think they’re some sort of named diety/something other than human are delusional.


Depends on which kind of people I encounter I judge them as that.

Some could potentially be an incarnation of said being, but they likely wouldn’t even let them self be known.


I’m sure my opinion is an unpopular one, but I’ve noticed several folks claiming to be the same entity. I feel there should be a death match while eminem’s “the real slim shady” plays on loop to determine who’s legit.


Also I agree, -if- someone was legit, I doubt it would be advertised and they’d likely be capable of displaying powers that would eliminate doubt.


They can be called Avatar.

Enoch and Elijah are still coming back…

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I think it’s possible to also become so on purpose (entirely or only to a certain extent). I once read on an esoteric forum that there are beings who reached a spiritual level, which may be expressed with Archangel Michael’s figure, but that this entity doesn’t really exist. Hmm… maybe it’s an instance where truth is in the middle.


Generally they will be called avataras. If a powerful angel or an entity above it, a grand angel takes human form, then it will be powerful enough to rule the five continents. Generally it is the celibate monks who come back in human form, that also not more than few times to help others in a powerful way. Celibacy gives enormous power, if done correctly.

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Motivations for any form of being on earth can range from “bettering the world” to wanting to try out that new brand of apple sauce to wanting to kill another incarnation of this annoying guy who once spoke too loudly at an alien diner.

Just because they’re angels/light-based entities with the purpose of keeping the functions of the universe running doesn’t mean they’re here to “better” the world, neither does it mean they’ll necessarily have any more tools at their disposal than a non-angel. For every angel of pink bunnies there’s another angel of child murder.

And as for the becoming an angel part, practically speaking its possible, it’s even thought that Enoch and Elijah pulled it off as metatron and Sandalphon.


It’s a personal belief without any evidence. Nothing to prove it or support it. Maybe it’s true, maybe not. For now and for me it’s irrelevant matter. But I fear the moment, when those people will start to over-react according to their beliefs and force it on others. I don’t believe that people do something for nothing. There must be something coming next… a price to pay. Nothing is free!

The peaceful mentality which is seen now, could be deceiving, a seed for the most evil and disastrous outcomes. If you read the Gospels for example, who would think that a character like Jesus, a hippie healer !, would start one of the most bloody cults in human history ?

I would welcome what they’re doing, accept it as exercising their freedom to think and decide what their truth is in life… but I would keep both eyes and ears open, and monitor their behavior all the time.

Oldest trick in the book, billions of people died and suffered because someones believed they’re making the world a better place :slight_smile:


I’m so glad I asked for your opinions. I really enjoy all of them. :smile: I think all of these have valid points too.

My personal opinion is simply that it could be a possibility. But it seems conterproductive to reincarnate a being just to have them forget themselves each time. It would be more efficient if they knew everytime. But I do agree that they may not necessarily be doing good for the world as each individual is, of course, different and may have different goals and beliefs.

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