What are your limits?


I am a very big fan of your work, as I have mentioned in an email before, so it is quite an honor to have you here on Become a Living God answering questions. The one that I wanted to ask was, where do you draw the line?

We can all desecrate the holy books of the God of Abraham, or pagan gods, but how many would dare blaspheme the names of great demons like Belial, or the Old Ones, or the Loa?

I am not asking if you are willing to be an asshole to a spirit of high renown, or that has helped you before, I am asking if they have any authority over you, and your limits.

Where do your ethics lie, your views on morality? How far is too far, and how profane is too profane? Human sacrifice? Cannibalism? Backstabbing? How far is too far?

To be on the Left Hand Path is not necessarily to be a vile and evil libertine, but that any limits you may have are self-established, that your authority is the supreme divine authority, wherein ethics are replaces with values.

How much are you willing to sacrifice, to give, or to risk? And for what? For knowledge, for power, for ascent?

All of these sub-questions are simply to ask the question, of where your limits lie. Moral, magical, or otherwise.

Thank you for your time,

I always say that everyone approaching the path should make a list of things they would and wouldn’t do to succeed on it. Then, after a certain time on the path, make another list and see how your views, goals, and limits have changed. You’ll be surprised or even shocked to see the difference. The very nature of the path is that it will change and transform you in all possible ways, and what you see as unacceptable right now may become completely natural at a certain point of your path. That’s why I never see my personal limitations as something permanent or final – they have changed many times and they will keep changing as I develop on the path. We can only speak of certain limits at this particular moment, and even now they’re already changing - such is the nature of the Draconian path.