What are your experiences with Baphomet?

People view this being in many ways. I know Baphomet originated from Knights Templar being accused of worshipping him/her/it. There are some people who say its purely an egregore, a full entity of its own, just pure energy, or just a representation. I’ve felt very drawn to Baphomet recently and drawn to working with him/her/it. If you guys have before, what has your experience like? How do you view this being?

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I Saw him on a brighy throne when i did ayahuasca then i saw angels.

Saw him too on a medieval Dungeon/Castle sitted on a Black throne, looking to me

Also, when i wake up i Saw him with physical eyes’’ in cat+Bat+goat form at my side staring at me

I think baphomet is the god of the Alchemy, he is the 69, fire and water above and below



First time I saw this image of mendes baphomet, I was drawn to it in every was- Emotionally, sexually, spiritually. Ive used it ever since for Satanic worship (I see this as a form of Satan). It’s enormously powerful to me on many different levels. Experience wise, like in rituals / ritualistic worship ranges, but it definitely is effective, as a sigil is.